These hardworking superdads deliver smiles at work and at home! We’d like to introduce you to the dads, whom we have the pleasure of working with every day. Here’s what they love best about being a father … and which truly original gifts would brighten their Father’s Day this year!

Marc Grzeskowiak - VP of Technology for BloomNet Napco and 1800Flowers Franchising

Meet Mark Grzeskowiak

Vice President of Technology
for BloomNet, Napco and Franchising

In addition to heading up the franchising of and two of our sister brands for the past eight years, Mark is also the head of a beautiful family with four active and absolutely adorable children.

Why Being a Dad Makes Him Smile: “Plain and simply, the kids. Watching them grow and learn is an amazing experience.”

Best Dad Story: “With four young kids, each of their births is still fresh in my mind. You can’t surpass the joy of watching your children being born.”

Cheryl's Father's Day Tool Box

Favorite Father’s Day Gift From Cheryl’s Cookies
“I’m a sweets junkie at heart!”

Scott Archila - VP Financial Reporting and Taxation

Meet Scott Archila

Vice President of Financial Reporting and Taxation

A mainstay in the family for the past 18 years, Scott is also the dad of two girls and one boy—each smart, energetic and creative, yet truly original in their own way!

Why Being a Dad Makes Him Smile: “Being able to watch my children learn, grow and care for one another and providing them guidance throughout life’s challenges makes me smile.”

Best Dad Story: “[My daughter] Ashley is a fireball of energy—extremely creative and quite the talker. When she was 4, she invented her own ‘Blankie Buddies’ doll by using her baby blanket and dressing it up in American Girl Doll clothes. I should have patented this idea back then.”

Cheryl's Father's Day Assorted Cookie Gift Box

Favorite Father’s Day Gift From Cheryl’s Father’s Day Assorted Cookie Gift Box
“The cookies from Cheryl’s are a favorite in my home. This gift is great because I can share it with my entire family (except the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies—those are mine)!”

Abe Adler - CRM and Business Analytics

Meet Abe Adler

CRM and Business Analytics

A true numbers man, Abe uses reports and data to help better deliver smiles to its customers. Abe is a fairly new member of our team: He’s only been with us for a year, but he’s been a father much longer. He has six children, all ranging in age from 21 to 8 … and they all inherited his great sense of humor!

Why Being a Dad Makes Him Smile: “Seeing my kids overcome their challenges and have pride in their work makes me smile.”

Best Dad Story: “My favorite dad story comes during a school production many years ago. My son was up on stage and I had a clear view of both my son and my father. During the production I was not only smiling at my son’s performance, but also at the smile that I saw on my father’s face as he watched my son. My father later told me that not only was he smiling at my son but also at my happiness. Like father, like son, I guess.”

Dwarf Jade Bonsai

Favorite Father’s Day Gift From Dwarf Jade Bonsai
“I like that it’s compact enough to sit on my desk yet big enough to make me smile.”

Ted Nelson - VP BloomNet

Meet Ted Nelson

Vice President of BloomNet

Always using his imagination to create new products for our BloomNet brand, Ted is also the proud father of two confident young boys, both of whom love playing lacrosse and other sports.

Why Being a Dad Makes Him Smile: “Watching my children grow up and seeing how truly unique and different they are from each other.”

Best Dad Story: “When my older son Teddy was born, I handed him to my father in the hospital. As we all share the same first name (my Father is Junior, I’m the III and my son is IV), it was one of the single most special times in our lives as the legacy lived on and was unbroken.”

The Happy Hour Collection - Dad's Beer Bottle Lantern

Favorite Father’s Day Gift From The Happy Hour Collection
“It’s a truly unique product line and one that I was involved in from its origins. Watching this product line grow has been very rewarding and fun.”

Joe Tura - Senior Copywriter in Creative Services

Meet Joe Tura

Senior Copywriter in Creative Services

As the voice of, Joe is responsible for conveying the brand’s personality through his writing. He also has a 10-year-old daughter, Cassie, who has a fun and vibrant personality of her own. While keeping on top of the latest TV shows, movies, comic books and technology, Cassie also trains in mixed martial arts, plays the clarinet, writes her own stories and jokes, and plays video games like a pro!

Why Being a Dad Makes Him Smile: “It’s the little things about being a Dad that touch me the most. Like how my daughter will always want to play ‘20 Questions About Marvel Comics’ on our drive to school, or hearing her scream louder than everyone in the section at a Yankees game, or sometimes simply holding her hand for safety in a parking lot.”

Best Dad Story: “My favorite story of being a Dad (so far) is probably the first time Cassie rode my favorite roller coaster—The Phoenix at Knoebels in Elysburg, P.A.—with my wife and I in the same car, and hearing her go on about how awesome a ride it was! It made me realize how my Dad must have felt on our fishing trips, how special it is to share something you’re passionate about with your child.”

Sports Hound a-DOG-able Arrangement

Favorite Father’s Day Gift From Sports Hound™ a-DOG-able®
“I’m a huge sports fan and a lifelong dog lover. The Sports Hound™ a-DOG-able® arrangement is a fresh and fun way to root, root, root for your favorite team and dress up the home at the same time. Just don’t tell my cats!”


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