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Father’s Day Craft Ideas

June 12, 2012

If another tie, bottle of aftershave or a new wallet isn’t what the kids have in mind for Father’s Day gift giving, help them make something special dad will remember for years and the little ones will enjoy creating.

Unique Craft Ideas Made from Paper

Make a family tree, personalized notepad or family collage, using poster board, construction paper and crayons or paints.

Family Tree

To create a family tree, use blue poster board or construction paper and color a leafless tree with lots of branches. Cut leaf shapes from green construction paper large enough to write names on. Write each family member’s name on a leaf and use glue to adhere it to the branches.  Use a separate branch for each family. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and their families will each have a branch. A ribbon loop on the top of the sheet can be glued in place or tied through holes makes a hanger to suspend the piece.

Personalized Notepad

Use several sheets of letter-size paper. Fold them in half to make eight 12-inch x 5-1/2-inch sheets. Make a cover from construction paper or poster board folded in the same manner. Use a hole-punch to make holes in the folded side of the sheets and the cover, ¾-inches inside the side edges of the folded paper. Punch holes in the folded construction paper to match the holes in the paper.

Place the folded paper inside the cover, and use ribbon or yarn to tie the sheets together. Decorate with crayons or paint to write dad’s name and draw a picture.

Family Collage

Collect photos of the family and cut out the people, or cut the photos into fun shapes. Use poster board as the backing and position the cutouts on it, repositioning the pieces until you have developed a pleasing design.

Glue the pictures in place. Leave room for coloring, painting or descriptions the child wishes to include. Use a paper punch to put two holes near the top of the page. Use string or ribbon to make a loop to hang on the wall.

Twig Picture Frame

Select a photo of your child to mount in the frame. Measure the sides of the picture and gather twigs approximately two inches longer than the side of the photograph. Make two bundles of each size of the twigs. Use six or eight twigs for each bundle, depending on the thickness of the wood.

Place the bundles at 90 degrees and use twine or string to wrap around the intersections and tie to secure. The ends of the twigs should stick out about an inch on each side. The photo should fit behind the frame.

Use glue or a glue gun to adhere the photo to the back of the frame. Add a loop of twine to the top with glue to hang the frame on the wall. If you want the frame to stand, cut a piece of cardboard the size of the photo and glue it to the picture to act as a backing.

Cut a narrow rectangle of cardboard and crease the narrow side ½-inch from the end. Glue the ½-inch strip to the upper section of the cardboard backing and use as a support.

Stone Dominoes Set

Make a custom set of dominoes with flat skipping stones. Collect 28 stones of similar size. They should be flat with rounded edges, such as you would find along the shore of a stream or lake.

The rocks can be painted with acrylic paints or left in their natural color. Use a white permanent marker to draw a line through the middle of each stone. Your child will then make dots on either side of the line. Start with zero and continue to six.

Whatever craft idea you choose, he’s sure to be impressed.  Just the time taken by the little ones to create a special, personalized gift by hand will warm his heart and make him smile every time that he sees his gift.

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