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Looking for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. With the help of 1800Flowers, you can still get your dad a clever gift for less than $50.  By reading this blog post, you will soon learn that finding an affordable gift for Father’s Day won’t be so hard after all!

When choosing a gift for dad, keep in mind the great things that your dad does for you as well as his interests so you can choose a Father’s Day gift that connects personally to him. With the list of gifts below all under $50, you will be sure to have a wonderful Father’s Day! 

1. Father’s Day Plants

Is your dad Mr. Nature Man? If so, he will surely love a lasting Father’s Day plant!  With the help from 1800Flowers and its vast array of options, finding a Father’s Day plant under $50 is simple.  If dad likes Bonsai Trees, the Green Mound Juniper Bonsai is just $29.99.  If your dad might like bamboo, get the Pyramid Bamboo tree for only $39.99. If he is a tree hugger, you can never go wrong with a classic Pine Tree for just $34.99.

2. Sweet Tooth Gift Baskets

Start dad’s cookout early with delicious assortments from 1800Flowers.com gift baskets such as Cheryl’s Father’s Day King of the Grill Cookies for just $39.99. Treat him to his own special box of Cheryl’s Father’s Day Cookie Bundle Gift. At a price of only $27.99, that’s a delicious treat that dad will be sure to love. Also for under $50 is Cheryl’s Father’s Day Tool Box & Gourmet Cookies .  If you’d rather go the fruit route, #1 Dad Fresh Fruit & Exceptional Sweets Box is the choice for him for only $39.99. With these delicious gift baskets, let dad satisfy his sweet tooth any way he wants, whether with chocolate or fruit.

3. Gift Cards

Father's Day Golfer's Choice Snack Bowl
Father’s Day Golfer’s Choice Snack Bowl for $34.99

Gift cards are a great last minute gift that are always enjoyable. Pick a gift card for dad that you know he will get excited for. Make sure to get what he loves- whether it be for a restuarant that he enjoys or the electronics store with all those gadgets dad must have! Nothing says I know you well them letting him pick out his own gift!

4. Sports Lovers Gift

 Sport crazy dads will be a big fan of this Happy Father’s Day Golfer’s Choice Snack Bowl. And only for $34.99- that sounds like a hole in one! Looking for a different sport? Score a touchdown with this football-inspired Yankee Candle called First Down (for $27.99).

5. Thoughtful Gifts

Dads always appreciate a homemade gift. Hone in on your Picasso spirit and create a masterpiece that dad will always cherish and display on his desk! Travel back in time with your dad by making a scrapbook of family photos or a decorated picture frame with a photo of you and him in it and revel in the nostalgia. With a little time and effort, you can make dad a gift this Father’s Day that will always remind him of you.

6. Flowers that will be sure to Tickle Dad’s Fancy

Beer Mug of Blooms
Beer Mug of Blooms for $29.99

With the arrival of summer, what a better way to start off the season than with beautiful blooming Father’s Day flowers. Beer Mug of Blooms is a perfect Father’s Day gift that will tickle dad’s fancy for only $29.99. Even the Sorbet Bouquet is a wonderful floral gift that will sure to make your dad grin from ear to ear, and only it’s $39.99.

7. Meet Lovers Field Day

For dad’s who deem themselves the master of the grill, get them Jim Beam BBQ Bliss Deluxe Grilling Kit for only $29.99. Let dad know he’s the man on this special day with Happy Father’s Day Smokin’ Willies BBQ Set or even Budweiser’s Grilling Steak Sauces for way under $50.

8. Dad Time

Sending dad a Happy Father’s Day doesn’t mean you have to purchase a literal gift. Spending time with him, like playing catch outside or going on a fishing trip, will make him the proudest father in the world. Get the family involved too by going on a family picnic or playing board games! Show dad that you love him by spending quality time with him this Father’s Day.

9. Classy Gifts

Vineyard Select Red Wine Gift Box
Vineyard Select Red Wine Gift Box for $39.99

With help from 1800Flowers, give dad a sophisticated present for Father’s Day. Make him feel classy with this Vineyard Select Red Wine Gift Box which includes a 2008 Hamilton Estates California Merlot, Brie Cheese Spread with Every Flatbread, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Sesame Honey Mustard Dip, and Chili Citrus Twists. All for a great deal of $39.99, this is a gift dad will be sure to appreciate. Or even try this Lucca & Sons Father’s Day Deluxe Meat & Cheese Box for also $39.99.

10. Cook a Meal He’ll Never Forget

Cooking dad a meal is a thoughtful way to fill both dad’s heart and stomach this Father’s Day. Whether making him a great breakfast in bed or taking him out to his favorite restaurant at night, make this Father’s Day a delicious one! Along with the scrumptious meal and gift, spending time with your dad alone will give him a Father’s Day that he will surely appreciate.

And keep in mind, to further reduce the tax on your wallet, you can always split the gift with your mom or siblings!

*Prices above do not include tax


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