Sometimes, you don’t even need a special reason or occasion to tell someone how great they are. If you know someone who brightens your every day, there are plenty of ways to return the favor. Here’s how to make someone smile … just because!

Make Her Day Bouquet

Send Them Flowers

There isn’t a single person in this world who can resist smiling—inside and out—when they’re handed a beautiful bouquet of blooms. With so many different colors and varieties to choose from, you can find the perfect arrangement to make your loved one’s day go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Just-Because Flower Gift Ideas:

Cheryl's Thinking of You Treats Box

Spoil Their Sweet Tooth

For the one who always knows exactly how to sweeten up your day, no just-because gift could possibly be better than sugar! Whether your friend is a laid-back snacker or a gourmet foodie, they’ll sure feel appreciated when these treats land on their doorstep.

Just-Because Dessert Gift Ideas:

Keep Calm and Pour Me Some Wine

Raise a Toast to Them

It’s always a celebration when your favorite pal is around. So put those glasses in the air and say “Cheers!” to the one who makes everything fun. From wine glasses to oversized decorative martini glasses, a gift inspired by your friend’s choice drink will definitely be a hit. Bottoms up!

Just-Because Toasting Gift Ideas:

Mugable to Say You're the Best

Surprise Them With a Stuffed Animal

Thanks to that someone special, there’s no shortage of hugs whenever you need them. Show them how important their unfailing support is to you: Give them a totally adorable, totally squeezable stuffed animal so they can have unlimited hugs of their own!

Just-Because Stuffed Animal Gift Ideas:

Guardian Heart Pin

Give Them a Wearable Keepsake

Whether they call you every day to see how you’re doing or send you a daily text to make you smile, your loved one never forgets about you. Thank them with a small piece of jewelry that’ll remind them that you’re always thinking of them too.

Just-Because Keepsake Jewelry Gift Ideas:

Personalized Message in a Bottle Just Because

Write Them a Heartfelt Note

Sometimes words don’t seem to be enough when it comes to telling someone how much it means to have them in your life. But a message written from the bottom of your heart, acknowledging all the special things they do, can often make the biggest impression in the simplest way.

Just-Because Personal Note Gift Ideas:


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