They were there when you took your first steps, when you moved into your college dorm, and when you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. Yup, we’re of course talking about your parents! Needless to say, they’ve been there through it all, so it seems only right that they deserve a little something extra this weekend, in honor of National Parents’ Day.

Woman giving her mom flowers for parents day

A Bit About Parents’ Day

The United Nations may have proclaimed June 1 to be Global Parents’ Day, but hey, don’t our parents deserve two days? In 1994, President Bill Clinton declared the fourth Sunday of July to be Parents’ Day, for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

How to Thank Your Parents

Just Say “Thank You”

When was the last time you gave your parents a big hug and thanked them for all they’ve done for you? It may be a small gesture, but it will have a huge impact on your parents.

Take Them Out to Dinner

For at least 18 years, they paid for all of your meals. Now, it’s time for you to pick up the tab!

Send Them Flowers

If you can’t be with your parents on Parents’ Day, there are still plenty of ways you can show your appreciation. One way being with fresh flowers, of course! If the date snuck up on you a bit, have no fear! With our same-day delivery, you can have flowers at your parent’s door in less than 24 hours!


Give Them Something Personal

Whether it’s a welcome sign or a blanket with your family name inscribed on it, give your parents a gift that — literally — has their name written all over it.

welcome sign

Give Them Something Sweet

If your parents have a sweet tooth, say “thank you” in the best way possible — with chocolate and cookies!

Recreate a Treasured Family Moment

Is there one trail you always went hiking on as a kid? Or maybe a restaurant you always dined at on Sunday mornings? Relive “the good old days” and head over there once again.

…Or Create a New One Entirely

Break from tradition and do something totally new as a family. If you don’t have time to do something on Parents’ Day, spend a few minutes jotting down things you can plan to do together in the future.

Mother and daughter drinking tea

Still not sure what to do for your parents? Get plenty more ideas by shopping our Parents’ Day collection online now!


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