Sentimental gifts are often more valuable than expensive, store-bought items. If you really want to show your mother how much you love her and appreciate all the wonderful things that she does for you, touch her heart with a sweet poem. Original or quoted, poems have the ability to express emotions and have a profound effect on people. Give your mom a special gift this year, a poem can say a million things in only a few words.

Write Your Own Poem

If you are the creative writing type, try to develop a poem on your own. Describe who your mother is and why she is an essential part of your life. Free verse or rhyme, the content will be honest, specific to your mom and more meaningful than any other gift she has ever received.

Tips for Writing Your Own Poem:

* Brainstorm ideas for your poem by recalling specific memories about you and your mom. Perhaps focus on one or two specific incidences where your mother was really there for you.

* Add in specific qualities about your mother that make her unique and beautiful. This will remind her that she is special.

* Use a poem format to help guide you. For example, a limerick is a fun, five line poem. The first, second and fifth lines rhyme and the third and fourth lines rhyme each other. If you prefer a more abstract format, try a haiku, which are beautifully short and simple. Another option is to spell out M-O-T-H-E-R, and start each line of your poem with the next letter in the word.

Quote a Poem

Putting love into words can be a difficult task for anyone. Famous, talented writers for centuries have been tackling the challenge of describing such strong feelings. If writing is not your forte, research poetry written by poets to their mothers.  Let their words evoke memories specific to you and your mother. Poems are beautifully written, thank you letters to mothers for all their nurturing love and sacrifice. A few notable poets are Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe.  Emily Dickinson wrote a loving poem called, “Nature — the Gentlest Mother is,” and Edgar Allan Poe felt inspired to write “To My Mother”.

How to Gift Your Poem

Once you have chosen the perfect poem for your mother; you must decide how you want her to experience it. There are many ways to go about sharing your poem. You can read the poem aloud to her over brunch, where others may praise her as well. If your mother works, you can send an email to her workplace with the lovely poem inside. The poem can also be written down and handed to her in a card, a note with a bouquet of flowers or in a new book or journal. No matter how your mother receives her poem, she will be overjoyed with the amount of thought that went into celebrating her.

Delight your mother with a special poem about the unconditional love that exists between mothers and their children. Some people wait a lifetime to tell their loved ones how important they are to them. Don’t miss your chance to tell your mom exactly how you feel about her. Let a poem communicate your appreciation for the woman who gave, gives and will continue to give you everything she has, just because she wants you to be happy and healthy. A special poem is the perfect way to make your mom smile.


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