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10 Types of Family Members at Thanksgiving Dinner

November 20, 2015

Aside from the food that never seems to run out, one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner is getting to spend time with family. It doesn’t matter if it’s family that you see every day, family that you see every few months, or family that you only see on major holidays, the fact that you get to spend quality time with your loved ones is reason enough alone to love a day like Thanksgiving. But while you may be looking forward to seeing your immediate and extended family, we know that getting everyone together can be quite a show when personalities collide! Which of the following family members do you expect to encounter this year?


The Quiet One

You know this one – the one that shyly says hello (you may even only get a wave) and heads to the table to claim their seat before the festivities begin. In fact, chances are once they’re down they won’t ever get up, even if the rest of the clan is congregating elsewhere. Oh, and don’t expect them to utter a word during dinner either.

The Chatterbox

Quite the opposite of the quiet one is the chatterbox – the relative that just can’t seem to stop talking, even if only to take a bite of turkey (yes, this is also the one that talks while chewing, giving you the lovely sight of the inside of their mouth). How do they possibly have anything left to say?

Chatterbox at Thanksgiving Dinner

The Jokester

Need a good laugh? This relative is by far the best one to turn to! In addition to cracking jokes over your Thanksgiving toast, this is the relative you’ll see everyone crowding around when there’s a break in the action. Not to mention, if anything gets too serious they’ll find a way to lighten things up. We all need a good laugh now and then, don’t we?

Jokesters at Thanksgiving Dinner

The Cheek Pincher

Even if you saw them just a few months ago, and even if you’re in or past your 20s (aren’t we a little old for this?), you can always count on one family member to pinch your cheeks and go off about how you look. Having a relative like this in the family is pretty much inevitable, so you might as well get used to it.

The Wild One

We bet you already have someone in mind for this one. This is the family member that’s pretty much all over the place from the moment they walk in the door, and you may even consider them to be the life of the party so long as they don’t get too out of hand.

The Debbie Downer

While this relative may resemble the quiet one, they’re very different in the sense that this one will find something negative to say whenever they get the chance. Arrive at dinner with no traffic? You just got lucky – you’ll hit it on the way home. Food smells great? It probably doesn’t taste as good as it looks. When this one’s around, you need to call in the jokester for sure.

The Selfie Queen

Picture time! Whether you like it or not, you’ll be dragged into at least three pictures on Thanksgiving night. And you better make an effort to look your best, because you can bet they’ll all end up on some type of social media site – family and holiday hashtags included.

Selfie Queen

The Gossip Queen

Along with the selfie queen we also have the gossip queen. Want to know who your cousin’s dating now or what that argument between your two aunts is really about? This relative will definitely have the scoop…even if some of it’s a little skewed.

The Picky Eater

You can spot this one in the kitchen and at the table in a heartbeat. In the kitchen, they’re looking at each item like it’ll jump out at them if they get too close. At the table, they probably only have one scoop of food on their plate while the rest of the family is struggling to keep all of their food on one without it overflowing.

The Impatient One

If they didn’t leave five minutes after walking in the door, they feel like they didn’t leave soon enough. You can pick this relative out of the crowd easily, as they’ll likely have their shoes and jacket on the moment everyone’s done eating. So, are you leaving yet?

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