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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Flower Crafts

Cute Thanksgiving Craft Idea for Kids: Sunflower Turkeys

November 10, 2019
Thanksgiving Bouquet of Sunflower Turkeys

Thanksgiving Bouquet of Sunflower TurkeysAre your kids looking for something to do on Turkey Day … other than patiently wait for the bird to roast in the oven? This Thanksgiving craft idea will keep the little ones busy while you cook up a delicious feast for the family, and you’ll have an adorable centerpiece that your guests will rave about as they gobble down their food!

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

Construction Paper (or colored cardstock or foam)
Sunflower bouquet*
Googly eyes or candy eyes

*The Harvest Glow Bouquet is the perfect arrangement to use for this craft.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Sunflower Turkey

How to Cut a Turkey out of Construction Paper

  1. Cut out the shapes shown above using brown, orange, red and yellow construction paper. (You can also use cardstock or foam for sturdier turkeys.) Continue Reading…
DIY Flower Crafts

Make the Holidays Sparkle with DIY Glitter Vases

December 21, 2016

We all know that one of the best parts about the holiday season is decorating! From Christmas trees to holiday lights to menorahs and more, there are SO many ways to make your home festive and welcoming. Of course decorating with holiday flowers is our absolute favorite! I love to add a bit of sparkle during the holidays (especially New Years), and these glitter vases are super easy (and fun!) to make! Friendly advice: try not to throw the glitter everywhere or you’ll spend months cleaning it up . I have taken one for the team and tell you this based on personal experience (you’re welcome).


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DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Friendship Bracelet with Flower Beads

August 4, 2016

“I get by with a little help from my friends” — The Beatles

In honor of friends everywhere and Friendship Day on Sunday, August 7th, we decided to celebrate our BFFs with the timeless tradition of friendship bracelets! Consisting of a series of tied knots, friendship bracelets represent the strong and unbroken bond between two friends, and they look pretty, too! 🙂

Whether making a friendship bracelet as a gift for your closest friend, or organizing a party to make bracelets with a group of friends, the sentimental value of handmade bracelets is priceless! Just like every friend, each bracelet is unique, and can be made to fit your bestie’s personality, so take out your string and let’s get crafty with these easy-to-follow instructions below! friendship-bracelet-final-image Continue Reading…

DIY Flower Crafts

DIY Winter Flower Craft Centerpieces Using Saran Wrap

January 6, 2016

saran-wrap-flowers_complete-2Use the beautiful winter chill as an inspiration and bring it into your home as décor with a few simple steps! Using just flowers, water, and plastic wrap, you too can create a stunningly icy centerpiece and accent.

Use this fun DIY idea at your next winter-themed soiree, or add some icy accents to your sizzling Valentine’s Day. We used roses to add a romantic touch to this arrangement, but you can get creative and use any fresh bloom or winter-inspired accent you’d like!
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DIY Flower Crafts, Floral Occasions & Holidays

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: How to Make a DIY Flower Costume

October 21, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY Flower CostumeLooking for a last-minute Halloween costume for you or your kids? Instead of dropping close to $100 at the Halloween warehouse, get inspired by your favorite blooms and make this adorable DIY flower costume instead. It’s fast, fun and cheap: If you don’t already have the supplies lying around your house, you can find them at your local dollar store! Just follow this simple tutorial and you’ll be blossoming in the spotlight at your Halloween party.

Flower Costume Materials Needed

Laundry basket*
Brown wrapping paper
6 long-stemmed flowers
12-foot pet tie-out rope (or regular rope)
Adhesive tape
Hot glue gun
Thick plastic headband

* You’ll be wearing the basket around your waist, so make sure it’s big enough for you to fit in it Continue Reading…

DIY Flower Crafts

How to Decorate a Graduation Cap with a DIY Flower Crown

May 15, 2015

From music festivals to spring picnics, floral crowns are one of the hottest trends this year. Now, you can take this popular hair accessory and incorporate it into your graduation attire with a few simple steps!

We found that using fresh flowers versus artificial flowers works best here as fresh flowers not only stand out but also add an intoxicating scent to your attire. The flowers used here come from the Floral Embrace bouquet from the graduation flowers collection.


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DIY Flower Crafts

How to Make a Graduation Cap Centerpiece with Flowers

May 12, 2015

Take your graduation celebration to the next level with a unique centerpiece using simply a vase, flowers, and an old graduation cap! If you don’t have access to an old cap, pick one up at your local party or costume supply shop.

This DIY graduation centerpiece is so easy to put together, and can be recreated in less than five minutes for a last-minute festive touch. For this project, we used the vibrant and fun Floral Embrace assortment from the graduation flowers collection, which arrived in the perfect sized vase for this purpose.

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DIY Flower Crafts

How to Decorate a Graduation Cap with Flowers

May 11, 2015

It’s your special day, so stand out from the crowd by adding your own personal flair to your grad cap! Here is an easy yet stunning graduation cap decoration idea using simply artificial flowers and hot glue.

Choose flower varieties and colors that represent your personality! For example, sunflowers represent a sunny and jolly disposition, while lilies would be a wonderful choice for someone looking for a softer, more delicate touch. Choose two types of flowers in varying sizes for a visually impressive arrangement. As artificial flowers come in shapes and shades not strictly found in nature, you can really get creative with the layout and design.

We used 3D puff paints to personalize the DIY graduation cap decorating, but you can also use glitter pens or 3D fabric markers. Additionally, rather than writing your name, you can personalize the grad cap with a favorite quote, message, or simply your class year (“Class of ___”).


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DIY Flower Crafts, Home Decorating with Flowers

Unique Vase Ideas

April 16, 2015

Plants decoratively placed inside seashells

Who knew that making your flowers look extravagant can be so simple? Placing your beautiful flowers in either a hand made vase or a unique container around your house can be a fun and decorative way to display your flowers this summer! Impress your family and friends with these unique vase ideas!

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DIY Flower Crafts

Trendy Trifecta: DIY Planter Decorating with Gold Foil

February 23, 2015

diy-planter-gold-foil-decoratingLooking for the perfect way to add some dazzle to your workspace?Look no further than potted plants! They not only add a simple and chic fresh touch but plants also have tons of great benefits. Win-win!

We jam-packed 3 trends – DIY-ing, chic potted plants, and gold foil – and turned them into one super chic and trendy decoration to add a touch of glam to your work desk or study. The potted plant used here was the Succulent Garden by Real Simple®. It comes in a sleek white ceramic planter which served as the perfect canvas for what I had in mind. The best part? Not only was this craft so easy, but if you grow tired of the metallic look, the gold foil polka dots will come off easily with some rubbing alcohol!

Note:  A 1” round hole punch was used here to create the “polka dots.” You can choose whatever hole puncher you wish to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, if you do not have a hole puncher, you can easily use scissors and a pencil to trace and cut out your desired shapes.
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