A photo of father’s day crafts with a DIY Father's Day Planter

It’s always nice to buy dad something for Father’s Day, but making him something you know he’ll love is an extra special touch. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day craft that fits dad’s personality, why not try this unique planter? All you need are just a few plants, soil, and a container!

Materials needed for DIY Father’s Day planter

  • Ceramic container (I used a golf ball planter, but feel free to be creative!)
  • Soil
  • 3-4 plants of different height, preferably a type with vines, such as philodendron.
    • Plants we used include:
      • Tricolor marginata
      • Philodendron
      • Mini palm
      • Spanish moss

How to make a DIY Father’s Day planter

  1. Take your container and fill it one-tenth of the way full with potting soil. (The amount will depend on the depth of the container.)
  2. Place your plants, one at a time, in the container. Use the plant with vines first to one side, the tallest to the back or center of the planter, and the shorter plant to the opposite side.
  3. Add soil, compacting as you go. Compact or compress the soil around the individual plants to get rid of air pockets.
  4. Lightly water the plant.
  5. Add your Spanish moss as a finishing touch to the completed planter.
  6. Give this fun Father’s Day craft to dad and watch him smile with joy!

Note: Plants are easier to work with when the soil is dry. Therefore, if you’re able to, get them a couple of days in advance. If you are not sure how to take care of it, refer to our plant care section.

Hope you and your dad have an amazing Father’s Day!


With over 60 years of floral industry experience, Jerry Rosalia was born with a green thumb. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Jerry is a third generation florist, and has been with 1-800-Flowers.com for 31 years. With a smile on his face, Jerry lends his floral expertise to florists around the country through Bloomnet, 1800Flowers' floral wire network, in addition to writing for Petal Talk. In his spare time Jerry enjoys spending time with his family, being an Usher at his church, as well as eating out, bowling, gardening, and watching sports.

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