diy wedding decor with DIY Flower Place Card

These days, brides are looking for new, creative, and inexpensive DIY wedding decor ideas. One easy craft to make are place cards to help guests find their seats at the table. These don’t have to be fancy or intricate; sometimes the simplest designs make for the prettiest, most elegant decorative elements.

Starting with a single long-stem flower, you can make a totally chic place card to welcome your loved ones to their table. Read on to learn how.

What you’ll need

How to make DIY flower place cards

diy wedding decor with Printed Place Card Template
  1. Download this free and customizable printable place card template, which has enough place cards for 12 guests. For each card, click the word “Name” and highlight it, type in the name of a guest, and then adjust the font size and style to suit your taste. (In order to fit the name on the card, make the font size smaller if the name is long and larger if the name is short.) You can even add a table number and a personal message! Once you type the name, make sure to leave enough space to punch a single hole into the left edge of the card. If you want your place card to have a fancy border, leave enough space to use a border punch on the right edge of the card too. Repeat these steps for each card, making one card per guest. You can also adjust the size of your cards, if you want to make them bigger or smaller. When all your guest cards are ready, print the template onto white card stock.
diy wedding decor with Trimmed Place Card Templates
  1.  Use a paper trimmer to cut out the cards along their borders and ensure your cut lines are straight.
diy wedding decor with Hole Punched Into Place Card With a Hole Puncher
  1. Take a hole punch and punch a hole directly at the center of the left-hand edge of each place card.
diy wedding decor with Decorative Border Punched Into Place Card With Border Punch
  1. Using a border punch, punch a border along the right-hand edge of each place card.
diy wedding decor with Ribbon Measured and Cut for DIY Flower Place Card
  1. With a scissor, cut one piece of ribbon (between 11 and 12 inches long) for each card.
diy wedding decor with Ribbon Looped Through Place Card
  1. For each place card, take a piece of ribbon and fold it in half. To attach the ribbon to the card without making a knot, poke the folded end of the ribbon through the hole of the card. Open the folded end of the ribbon to create a loop, and then string the cut ends of the ribbon through the loop. Pull on the cut ends to tighten the ribbon.
diy wedding decor with Silk Flower Trimmed to Fit on a Plate
  1. Now, take a single long-stemmed flower (fresh or silk) from your bouquet. Trim the flower stem so that the flower is the same size as your guest’s plate.
diy wedding decor with Place Card Tied to Silk Flower
  1. Taking the loose ends of the ribbon on the place card, tie the place card tightly to the stem of the flower. Your flower place card is complete! Place it on your guest’s plate on top of a folded napkin for a ravishing presentation. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each place card.

These flower place cards don’t just add show-stopping style and romance to your table décor — they also make beautiful and inexpensive takeaway gifts for your friends and family. And you can use them for much more than just DIY wedding decor. They’re perfect for a laid-back picnic, a backyard barbecue, or pretty much any kind of outdoor soiree!


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