There’s no denying that poinsettias are the quintessential holiday flower. While there’s nothing to replace the aesthetic of a fresh bouquet of poinsettias in a stunning holiday vase or basket, there are other less conventional ways to decorate using this holiday must-have.

Use our template to create your own paper poinsettias that you can attach to gifts, turn into name tags or place card settings, or simply sprinkle throughout the room for a fun pop of holiday cheer.

We used gold foil confetti for the middle of the flower, but you can choose any type of material from pearls to buttons to construction paper!

Supplies for DIY Paper Poinsettia


Printable paper poinsettia template + access to printer
Colored cardstock or paper with similar weight
Glue or tape
Gold Foil (optional)
Hole Puncher (optional)

Directions for DIY Paper Poinsettia

First, load your printer with your colored cardstock or paper. Download our printable paper poinsettia template and print.


Cut out all of the shapes in the printable. You should have: 8 large petals, 8 medium-sized petals, 8 small petals, and 1 circle. Fold all of the petals slightly and carefully in half, vertically.


Begin by gluing the large petals around the outer edge of the circle. Then, glue the medium sized petals overlapping the “gaps” in the larger petals. Finally, do the same for the small petals on top of the medium petals.


Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your flower. Use a hole puncher and the gold foil to create foil confetti.


Glue the confetti onto the middle and let dry. Now your pretty paper poinsettias are complete!


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