Our new series, Rooted in Happiness, shares the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits of plants. From boosting productivity to reducing stress, we bring you expert health tips on different types of plants proven to better your quality of life. 

Our homes aren’t the only place that could use a little décor to help create a peaceful and serene environment–our place of work can benefit from the same. Aside from hanging pictures with positive sayings and decorating our desks with photos of family members, having plants throughout the office can also make us smile. Not only can they make you feel good, but studies have shown that employees are more productive when workplaces are decorated with some indoor office plants. 

Could your office use a pick-me-up? If so, here are some of the best plants:


We love using bamboo around the office due to the calming effects it has on work spaces. It’s also known to clean the air, which is another added bonus for your health. These bamboo plants are the perfect size for that space on your desk that appears to be rather empty, and in addition to the health benefits you experience, you may even find that one brings you a bit of good luck throughout your work day too.


Indoor bonsai will need some sun in the morning, so if your office has south- or west-facing windows, these are an excellent choice to place on the window sill. Maintenance is on the simpler side for indoor bonsai, as they tend to respond best when being watered every two or three days rather than every day.


This cactus dish garden  is perfect for the office, especially due to its size. No larger than a paper plate, you can place one of these just about anywhere, but we recommend using one for your desk if your individual work space could use some enhancements–just be strategic about where you put it so that no one who comes to visit you gets stuck by it. These cacti and succulents can survive in low light and no light with very little water making them a great office plant for any new plant parents.

snake plant

Snake Plant

Sanseveria Zeylanica AKA snake plants are a showstopper in any office that could use some brightening up. This office plant grows straight up with a glossy, speckled leaf and are extremely low maintenance–you’ll love this plant if your motto is “work smarter not harder.” Snake plants are susceptible to root rot, so watering only every three or so weeks is ideal. They also tolerate all types of light as long as it’s not direct (which you rarely get near a desk anyways), making this versatile plant a must for any cubicle in need of some edge.


Orchids prefer filtered light rather than direct sun, so they’re perfect for spaces that are out of the way of the sun’s rays. We suggest using these to brighten up a corner of your office that’s a bit darker than the rest of your work space. They also only require watering about once or twice a week, so maintenance won’t be too difficult!



Philodendrons are ideal for office environments since they’re relatively easy to grow and can tolerate a ton of different conditions. They’re even usually okay without care occasionally. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, a sandstone garden would be a great choice. It includes a mix of green plants, including silver philodendron, and is the perfect size for a desk, ledge or shelf.

peace lily plant

Peace Lily Plant

When you’re going to spend 40+ hours a week in your office, keeping calm is key! A peace lily plant can help with that, along with the bonus of being able to clean and purify indoor air. Keep your peace lily away from cold, drafty windows and out of direct sunlight for best growth results. Peace lilies are an especially good office plant because they can tolerate periods of drought, so they’ll forgive you if you forget about them while you focus on a project deadline.

Your office should certainly be a place that you enjoy going to (after all, you’re going to spend most of your time there!), and we believe that the addition of plants can take your office environment to an entire new level – your work will likely even experience the benefits too! So, which plants do you think you’ll use to spice up your work space first? 


Madeline started her writing career as an art & culture reporter for her university newspaper, FSView. She has since contributed to Tallahassee Woman Magazine, CollegeFashion.net, and Mission Magazine. Based in New York City, she enjoys going to art galleries and drinking matcha latte's when away from the keyboard.

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