Have you ever eaten a flower? Before you quickly respond with a puzzled “No,” take a minute to think about what a flower is. While roses, daisies, and orchids may come to mind when someone says “flower,” there are many more species than that.

Because “vegetable” is a culinary term and not exactly a scientific one, there are many things we consider to be vegetables but are, in fact, flowers.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving table for a beautiful feast, think about adding these vegetables that double as flowers.


thanksgiving vegetables with artichoke

Leaving your vegetable patch unattended for more than a few days is usually a recipe for disaster — unless you’re talking about artichokes, that is. When left unpicked, artichokes open up to expose a beautiful purple, string-like flower. Beyond their beauty, they also make a wonderful Thanksgiving appetizer or side dish.


While broccoli may have a large flowering head, you won’t find it in a bouquet any time soon. Though broccoli didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1920s, it has been enjoyed by people as a leafy side dish since the 6th century B.C.


Descending from wild cabbage, cauliflower closely resembles broccoli in appearance and taste. Similar to artichokes, cauliflower will also flower if not harvested in time. Known as “bolting,” cauliflower will begin to grow small yellow flowers on long stalks.

Squash blossoms

Perhaps the vegetable that most resembles a flower is the squash blossom. This tasty flower grows alongside squash plants and is usually bright yellow and orange.

thanksgiving vegetables with squash blossoms

Grow your own Thanksgiving meal

Before you head to the grocery store in search of these vegetables (or should we say flowers) for Thanksgiving, consider growing them in your own backyard. Not only will they be fresh and pesticide-free, but they can also help lower the cost of your Thanksgiving dinner.

Just remember to add these vegetables to your garden in the late summer so that they’re ready in time for turkey day!


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