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Cut Tulip Care and Handling Tips

April 21, 2014

Get the most out of your cut tulips with these tulip care and handling tips!

When to Buy Tulips

Buy full bloom tulips ONLY if you’re planning to use them immediately; otherwise, buy or cut your own tulips when they are showing just a little bit of color. This will give your flowers more longevity.

How to Cut Tulips

Cut your tulips at an angle to optimize the bloom. Remove any foliage that will be below the water line, and place in a suitable vase that is at least half the height of the tulips. The water should be mixed with proper flower food; use as directed. This will help the tulips stay straight. A cut tulip is probably the only flower that continues to grow about an inch each day. The water level should be no more than two inches deep, since all bulb flowers prefer less water.

Clean Vase = Healthy Flowers

Did you know that bacteria can collect and remain in a vase for years? Use a clean vase that has been washed with bleach to kill the bacteria and keep your flowers healthy and happy. As with all flowers, keep your tulips away from bright, sunny windows or other sources of extreme heat. Bending heads or “floppy” tulips can be corrected by wrapping the stems in plastic wrap or tissue paper, keeping all the flowers at the same height. After wrapping, trim the stems once more and place back in fresh water. After a few hours, remove the wrapping and your flowers should be straight. This trick will only work if the flowers are fairly fresh.

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