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How To Repot A Plant

July 19, 2012

The tendency to transplant a plant, in most cases, is premature; however, if it is done properly the plants will not be adversely affected.  If the plants are from a dish garden that you’ve had for a while, you may want to re-pot the few remaining plants – or it may be a plant that is root-bound (with roots growing out of the bottom drain hole).  Learn how to repot a plant with these simple tips.

A Guide To Transplanting Plants


Start out with a bag of potting soil.  Using soil from your garden is good, but it may contain “critters” or “spores” that you don’t want in your home, as they may contaminate your other house plants.

When re-potting a single potted plant, wait a few days after watering; just tap the top of the pot and the plant should come out easily.  Keep as much of the original soil as possible.  If some of the roots are very long or excessive, they can be trimmed.

The new container should be larger and have a drainage hole.  Fill the new pot with about a quarter of the new soil.  Place your plant into the pot, filling the sides with additional soil, compacting it as you go.

You may still need to add more soil after the first few waterings.  Continue to care for the plant as you have in the past.  You now have learned how to repot a plant with your newly re-potted air-purifier that uses no electricity.

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