Flower & Plant Care

Easy-to-Care-for Indoor Plants

June 18, 2018

Don’t let stories of bad experiences with trying to grow an exotic flower turn you off to the idea of indoor plants. Even if you’ve never grown so much as a daisy, this is the season to try your hand at caring for plants. And while even the hardiest of plants aren’t completely indestructible, these guys will forgive you when you completely forget about them and leave for a week-long vacation.


Not only can most succulents survive without much water, but it’s actually better for them. Since watering succulents more than about twice a month can cause them to rot, most people suggest giving them just a bit of water at the beginning and middle of each month. That’s simple enough to remember, right?

Succulent Plant in Pot

Juniper Bonsai PlantBonsai Tree

Bring a piece of Japanese history into your home with a Bonsai tree! The Japanese have been growing these miniature trees for over a thousand years. It is an art form and technique to produce a small tree in a container that mimics a full-size tree, but luckily you can buy them already grown. These dwarf trees need a few more waterings per week than some other plants on our list, but they’re still anything but hard to care for. If you’re still not convinced your thumb is green enough to keep this little guy growing, start off with a Bonsai Beginner’s Set. The Chinese tradition is called Penjai or Penjing, the results are the same!


Believed to bring good fortune and luck to anyone they meet, we’ve given traditional bamboo a modern twist. If you’re not one for dealing with dirt or you have little ones that like to explore mom’s garden, you’re in luck! Not only are bamboo stalks easy-to-care-for, but many of them can also grow without soil.

Air Plants

Air plants make a unique gift for anyone with little kids, who is living in a small apartment, or who’s looking to spruce up their indoor decor. Because air plants absorb the water they need from a piece of water-soaked moss, you can enjoy having a thirsty plant that you rarely need to water.

Cat Palm

Looking for a happy medium between a needy plant and one you only have to water once a month? Cat palms are the answer! In addition to bright, indirect sunlight, cat palms need to be watered every other day to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. If you’re looking to add an equatorial touch to your home, cat palms are one of the less-needy tropical plants.

Dish Gardens

Get the full effect of a flourishing garden, even if you don’t necessarily have the space for it, with the help of a dish garden. Featuring an assortment of different succulents and plants, these mini gardens are a lot more than just beautiful — they also help improve the air quality in your home (like most green plants!).


Don’t let their unique shape and beautiful colors intimidate you — orchids are an exquisite plant to have in your home. Because they need only the basics to survive — indirect sunlight, water, and a mild temperature — orchids are one of the most commonly grown houseplants in America in the last few years.