Half toy rocking horse, half dinosaur rocking horse, towering at 37 feet and adorned in over 50,000 flowering plants, Jeff Koons’ exhibit, Split Rocker, seems like something from a fairy tale.

In an interview with The Fondation Beyeler, Koons describes his work of art as “…a division where these two forms don’t go together, but it also represents a unity, because the only way this split really exists is by experiencing it. If you try in any other form…you can never really replicate it.”


We took his advice and decided to experience it for ourselves! So on the next sunny day we hopped on the train to the The Rockefeller Center while this whimsical exhibit took bloom in NYC.

Here are some of our favorite shots from this unique sculpture. Check out more dates and read more about Jeff Koons’ Split Rocker here.

Split Rocker, Front Profile
Split Rocker, Side Profile: Toy Rocking Horse
Split Rocker, Side Profile: Dinosaur
Split Rocker, Where Two Halves of a Whole Meet
Split Rocker, keeping the beauty blooming one flower at a time

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