The holiday season brings with it family, fun, and food — and the place in our home where all that comes together is our table.

Of course, you can still have a meaningful and festive holiday gathering without going overboard in decorating your holiday table, but with just a few well-planned and expertly executed touches, you can make this focal point of your home the centerpiece of your holiday celebration.

In this guide, we provide design ideas for how you can turn your Christmas table into a place where friends and family can come together and enjoy this special time of year with one another.

Co-create the holiday table

The holiday table plays a central role in our celebrations. Think ahead of time and choose a theme and style with which to decorate your table — from the centerpiece to the tablecloth, the accessories to the place settings. Then, make a plan to achieve the look for your perfect table!

Explore designs for your extended holiday table

We’ve selected four popular Christmas table design ideas. Pick one that fits your aesthetic, and then add or subtract elements that most appeal to you and fit the look you’re going for.

1. Farmhouse chic

Beautiful holiday table setting with candles

This popular chic yet homey, rustic look can be achieved by using a simple and neutral color palette and decorating the table with elements from nature. Whites, grays, and beiges should predominate, while accents like pinecones and simple greenery, combined with place settings of earthenware, pottery, and clear or mercury glass, should feature prominently across the surface.

Explore ways to create an extended holiday table in the modern farmhouse style with centerpieces and accessories that tie the whole look together.

Farmhouse chic gift & craft ideas

2. Classic sophistication

Nothing is more elegant than a refined holiday table. Stick to a classic, crisp white tablecloth and accessorize with red rosespoinsettias, and holly. Long candles and crystal stemware set the tone for a special gathering.

Take a look at how you might create this classy look for your holiday table with red and white centerpieces and elegant elements that will have everyone feeling the yuletide spirit.

Christmas table scape, elegant formal dinner table setting, tabl

Classic sophistication gift & craft ideas

3. Fun & festive

Festive table setting with beautiful dishware and Christmas deco

If you don’t want a super “put together” look, you can always just go the “mix and match” route. Start with bright colors and then bring in some iconic elements, such as candy canes, reindeer ornaments, and Christmas tree candles, and before you know it you’ll have created a winter wonderland right there on your table!

Nothing is off limits with this design; the goal is just to have fun. Break out some of your old holiday decor favorites and combine them with some new festive items, and Santa himself just might want to join you!

Fun & festive gift ideas

4. Winter blues

Appropriate for Hanukkah or Christmas (or any time, for that matter), blue is a beautiful color for a winter table. Dress your table up or down with a base of white with royal or midnight blue accents and a dash of silver sparkle. Add a string of white lights to your centerpiece to get that holiday glow.

Get the right kind of “holiday blues” for your extended table. Start with one iconic element — whether it be the flower arrangement or plates — and work out from there. With the same color running consistently through your decor, you’ll have no problem pulling off a cohesive look.

Blue christmas table setting

Winter blues gift ideas

Your table is decorated. Now what?

It’s time to celebrate, of course. From food to activities to traditions old and new, enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer around your beautifully decorated table.


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