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Red Roses

From coast to coast, red roses are a sign of love and devotion, yet they can also mean so much more. When it’s time to send a fresh bouquet that expresses your feelings, 1-800-Flowers.com can help you send the very best with a red rose bouquet as elegant as they are. Bold red rose flowers, stunning arrangements, modern designs, and fresh red rose bouquets are all waiting to let them know you care. It’s time to send the wonderful gift of red roses!

  1. Red Roses

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Red Rose Delivery & Same Day Delivery

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but choosing same day delivery options for your red roses ensures peak freshness and long-lasting beauty and fragrance. When you want to convey romance and passion, there's nothing like a delivery of red roses to say those three little words for you, and continue reminding your loved one of your thoughts and intentions for days to come. With same day red rose delivery, you can send your message of love speeding on its way.

Red Rose Bouquets

Our red rose bouquets collection includes a variety of sizes, arrangements and types. Choose from a dozen roses, long-stemmed 4 foot roses or even a 100 red roses. Our selection of arrangements, bouquets, plants and more is perfect for any occasion whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Roses

How fast can I have my order of red roses delivered?

Red roses can be delivered as soon as you need them with same day delivery or three to five business days with standard shipping.

What is the meaning of red roses?

Red roses mean a passionate and romantic love. There is simply no better way to convey romantic love than with red roses. The poet Robert Burns famously compared his love to a red, red rose that had just bloomed, continuing a long tradition of associating what is arguably the world's most perfect flower with the life's sweetest emotion.

Does the specific hue of a red rose matter?

If you want to convey meaning with roses, you should know that color is of great importance. While everyone knows red roses are symbols of love, you might not realize that the particular shade you choose holds a deeper meaning.
Bright, scarlet roses are best given to symbolize new love.
More medium, crimson tones that are closer to true red are better for a long-standing love affair.
Darker shades that tend toward burgundy could represent appreciation and a desire to take a relationship into the realm of romance.
The deeper hue of dark red roses embodies intense feelings of romance and they represent unconscious beauty, the most attractive type.

Do different numbers of roses have different meanings?

Absolutely! Each number of roses holds a significant meaning. Here are a few meanings of different amounts of red roses:
Single Red Rose Meaning: A single and singular red rose is not just a message of love and devotion, but one of simplicity, whereby the giver understands that a grand gesture is not necessary to convey feelings of ardor.
3 Red Roses Meaning: A gift of three red roses has become a common 3-month anniversary marker for budding relationships, meant to convey a sense of growing affection and a way to virtually say I love you when you're still too shy to speak the words aloud.
A Dozen Red Roses Meaning: Nothing says Be Mine like a dozen red roses, which are given to show a deeper, more lasting feeling of love and intimacy, one that could stand the test of time.
18 Red Roses Meaning: 18 red roses were traditionally given to debutantes entering society, and now are common 18th birthday gifts for young women. For older couples, they symbolize lasting love and the beauty and allure of the recipient.
Two Dozen Red Roses Meaning: In addition to forming a stunning bouquet, 24 red roses symbolize never-ending love and represent a grand gesture worthy of lasting love and long-term commitment, the recipient is always on the giver's mind, 24 hours a day.

What is the meaning of long stem red roses?

Long stem red roses are easily the most desirable, and they symbolize the desirability, beauty, and grace of the recipient, as well as feelings of passion and romantic love.

When are red roses appropriate?

If you know the recipient loves red roses, they're always an appropriate gift! If you're not sure if roses are appropriate, it's probably best to send them only to those you harbor romantic feelings for. You want to make sure your intent is clear, so red roses should be reserved for the one you love with all your heart.

  1. Red Roses