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The holiday of Passover (or Pesach) commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt more than three millennia ago. Passover lasts for either seven or eight days, depending on which denomination of Judaism is observing the holiday. This year, it begins the evening of April 22 and goes until the evening of April 29 or 30.

To celebrate the holiday, Jewish people traditionally have a seder, a ritual meal that takes place on the first night (and, in some branches of Judaism, the second night as well). The word “seder” literally translates to “order,” because there is a specific sequence in which everything is supposed to be done during the meal.

As you might imagine, it takes a lot of preparation to make sure everything during the seder is in place and runs smoothly. This special and joyous gathering often involves a large number of friends, family, and members of the community, and with all the specific instructions and ceremonial touches the hostess needs to consider, she can have a lot on her proverbial (seder) plate.

If you’re attending a seder this year, you’ll want to bring your hostess something that shows how much you appreciate her taking on such a meaningful event in her home. Here are 10 unique Passover hostess gifts that are sure to be celebrated.

10 Passover hostess gifts to bring to seder

passover hostess gifts Passover Personalized Butcher Block Cutting Board

Passover Personalized Butcher Block Cutting Board

This show-stopping slab of North American hardwood will wow your hostess with its heft — it weights almost 5 pounds! Every time she uses this personalized board to chop up the ingredients for her famous charoset or slice the brisket for future seders, she will remember your thoughtful gesture.

passover gifts with Mango Wood Egg Tray

Mango Wood Egg Tray

Hard-boiled eggs are one of the symbolic items that go on the seder plate, and they’re also eaten during the meal, so this beautiful mango wood egg tray is a thoughtful gift for a host. It will give her a lovely place to set the eggs once they’re cooked while she’s doing all the rest of the prep.

passover hostess gifts Sunny Bee Pitcher

Sunny Bee Pitcher

A pitcher is used to ceremonially wash hands during the seder dinner. While gifting this whimsical ceramic pitcher doesn’t mean you intend for the host to use it during this tradition — it’s always best to let the host use what they prefer during this ceremony — it’s a lovely gift for them to use for future dinners.

passover hostess gifts Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Engraved Slate Coaster Set

These sturdy slate coasters are of exceptional quality, and with the personalization option, you can give them a gift that they will cherish as their very own. Additionally, since there are many guests and wine is present at the seder ― four cups are drunk during the meal! ― it’s always nice to have extra coasters around.

passover hostess gifts crystal wine decanter

Wine Decanter

The wine you drink at a seder usually isn’t of the highest quality, so putting it in a decanter first probably won’t make much of a difference — but that doesn’t mean your hostess won’t appreciate you bringing one of these gifts this Passover. This crystal option holds 40 ounces of liquid and is a striking piece of decor to display anywhere in the home.

passover hostess gifts Passover Personalized Chip and Dip Serving Dish 1

Personalized Chip and Dip Serving Dish

A special holiday deserves a special gift, and this beautiful wood platter with a glass serving dish is a wonderful way to thank a host for welcoming you to their home for this sacred occasion. It’s a convenient design and will be used for years to come in many different celebrations, religious or otherwise.

passover gifts with Daisy Napkin Rings

Daisy Napkin Rings

Another present that conjures up images of spring, this happy set of flower-shaped napkin rings are a seasonal and fun gift that thank the host and will add a bright pop of color to their next meal. Another set is available in butterfly shapes, if you think that would be more to their liking.

passover hostess gifts handpainted shabbat candles

Hand-painted Shabbat Candlesticks

Ceremonial candles are lit at the dinner, so gifting a special set of candlesticks would be lovely for future seders, and can be used all year long. This set from Matashi comes with two in your choice of 14 different beautiful crystal designs.

passover gifts with Triple Treat® Deluxe Fruit

Triple Treat Deluxe Fruit

This beautiful box comes with 18 pieces of perfectly ripe fresh fruit — apples, pears, and navel oranges — for your hosts to enjoy over the course of the week. It’s over 8 pounds of sweet produce picked at their peak, and is sure to be a hit.

passover hostess gifts Spring Tulip Iris Bouquet

Spring Tulip & Iris Bouquet

Flowers are always a beautiful gift for a host, and pairing them with a vase makes this an incredibly thoughtful and convenient option for a dinner. While there is no traditional flower that is associated with Passover, flowers that are in season, such as irises and tulips, tend to be popular, making this gorgeous option one that will be greatly appreciated.


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