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DIY Magical Unicorn Decorations

March 1, 2020

Magical Unicorns Are Here!

Who doesn’t love a unicorn?!  Unicorns are magical and make you smile – just like flowers!  So, what in the world could be better than a unicorn made from fresh flowers?

Introducing the newest Truly Original Arrangement from 1-800 – Enchanting Unicorn!

Isn’t she magical? Enchanting Unicorn is just one of the fantastic unicorn gifts that are available to send now to someone in your life who just might be as beautiful, mysterious, and impossible to capture as a unicorn!

Unicorns love to party – that’s another thing I like about them!  Taking my inspiration from Enchanting Unicorn herself I came up with a few ways to maximize the unicorn effect at my next “galentine” get together with DIY unicorn decorations!

These mini uni-pots have a gazillion different uses.  And as most of my projects are, very easy to make.  They are a good project to do with little kids too (or not)!

What you’ll need:

  • Mini clay pots
  • White paint & brush – acrylic, any kind – spray paint works well too
  • Craft paper and foam sheets – various bright colors and one with sparkles
  • Decorative elements – washi tape, faux flowers, sparkles
  • Black sharpie

Step x Step:

Paint all the pots first.

Cut out the horn and ears and glue them to the inside rim of each pot as shown above.

Decorate the rim – or not.

Draw flirty little unicorn eyes under the rim on either side of the horn using a black permanent marker.  There are many templates on line that you can get inspiration from.  I like to do them free hand because just like snowflakes no two unicorn’s eyelashes should be exactly the same!

I filled my uni-pots with mini plants – 1 cactus, 2 succulents, and 1 fern.  They would look amazing with fresh flowers as place settings.  Or fill with candy for a sweet take home gift.

Let your imagination run as wild as a unicorn and see what colorful and crafty creations you can come up with for the perfect unicorn themed party.  You can’t go wrong if you include rainbow bright colors, sparkle, and glitter.  And then more sparkle and glitter!

And don’t think unicorns are just for little girls!  I heard that their favorite type of wine is rosé. Therefore, the one I serve at all my unicorn parties is a delicious Pinot Noir Rosé from the Harry & David Vineyards.  They also have a gift basket available that is perfect to send to your mom this Mother’s Day.  It includes a bottle of the Pinot Noir Rosé, pears, cheese, crackers, cookies, and a pink and white mini rose plant.

Don’t forget to check out all the new unicorn themed gifts at 1-800 Flowers including the new Birthday Wishes Flower Cake® and the Magical Unicorn Truffle Cake Pops!

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