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Roses, Rosé and More

Raise a toast to our sparkling new collection! From rosé wine selections for sipping to sweet pink blooms for sending (any reason will do!), find a rosé gift to remind them to savor every moment.

  1. Rosé Wine Gifts

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Whether someone special to you has an affinity for rosé wine, you’re looking for a fun and seasonal gift, or you’d like to send a touch of romance, our Rosé Collection has just the right thing for the occasion.

Rosé Wine

Perfect for picnics, barbeques, and poolside lounging, many consider rosé wine to be the official wine of the summer season, yet the #roséallyear movement surely tells a different story. Similar to white wine, rosé is best-served cold, but it isn’t a typically mixture of the red and white varieties, as many believe. Its divine pink hue comes from the maceration process; leaving the red skin of the grapes in with the juice just long enough for it to pick up the desired shade and character. Rosé pairs well with virtually every food, though many aim for a drier rosé when serving lighter fare such as chicken and vegetables. A sweeter variety, as determined by the fermentation process, is often considered more ideal for richer foods, such as barbeque, roasts, and spicier entrees. Rosé can be found infused with blackberry, strawberry, and other natural flavors, as well as mixed into a variety of cocktails.

Rose Flowers and Gifts

Nothing is as revered as the classic rose. Oftentimes, the red rose is chosen to symbolize passion, bold love, and romance, while its softer counterpart pink denotes a more poetic or sweet love, affection, grace, and admiration. Though these are the quintessential pairings for a gift of rosé wine, white for purity, peach as a “thank-you,” and many other shades may make for appropriate and thoughtful gestures as well. Our Rosé Collection hosts a stunning curated selection of roses for any occasion and to suit every taste, making it easy to find just the right thing for your recipient. For a gift with timeless charm, consider a rose keepsake. With options such as stunning crystal, brilliant gold, and shining silver, a keepsake rose can say, “I’ll love you until the last petal falls,” or represent her eternal beauty. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days, vibrant roses and lasting rose keepsakes are gifts to be cherished, but also make a statement about the depth of your emotions when offered together or alongside rosé wine.

  1. Rosé Wine Gifts