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More Ways to Personalize Your Mother’s Day Flowers

May 4, 2018

My grandson Manny was impressed by a Valentine’s post that I did showing how to use a wood-burning pen to personalize a birch container, and asked me to help him make one for his mom for Mother’s Day. Of course I said yes!

I chose a tall cylindrical shape vase for him to work with because it is the perfect shape to fill with beautiful spring tulips.

We started by making a template for the heart.

Manny used the template to create the basic guide.

Then we removed the template and started to fill in and fill out the lines to create definition. It’s better to go over the design lightly multiple times.

Tip: Keep going over the same area with the pen until you are happy with the way it looks.

Once Manny was satisfied with the wood-burning job that he did it, was time to make the arrangement…with a big assist from little sister Olivia!

Tulips are the perfect flower for children to arrange with because you just can’t go wrong. Simply fill the vase with clean, fresh water, give the stems a cut, and place them in the vase one at a time!

A job well done…

and a Mother’s Day gift that Mom will truly love!

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