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Erin is definitely an On-the-Go Mom who may be in need of a stay-cation. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how-to make the perfect floral lei.


  • 5 stems dendrobium orchids (approx. 35 blooms)
  • Monofilament or fishing line
  • Large needle


  • Cut a piece of fishing line to the length that you want your lei to be, plus 6 inches. Remember the lei should be long enough to fit over the head.
  • Thread the needle with the cut fishing line. Tie a knot about 3” from the end of the line.
  • Remove all of the dendrobium orchid blooms from the stem. Remove the small piece of stem that is still attached to the flower.
  • Insert the needle through the base of the flower and slide the flower down the length of the fishing line stopping at the knot.
  • Continue this process, “sitting” each bloom within the one previously put on the line until you are about 3” from the end of the line.
  • Tie a double knot with the 2 ends of the fishing line.

Now you have beautiful floral lei perfect for a stay-cation!


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