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Making It Personal for Mom: Continued

April 25, 2018

As easy as it looks to use a Sharpie® to give your mom’s gift that personal touch, it just might not be your thing!

Well here’s a super cute and super easy solution! I picked up multiples of this perfect little “mug with a message” at my favorite off-price lifestyle store. I immediately thought of so many mom friends that I wanted to surprise with a little something on their special day!

But of course, I couldn’t just let them sit there empty, could I?  Not when a little 3″ potted succulent fit so perfectly in the mug.

You could also transplant the succulent directly into the mug, but I like the idea of just using the mug as a gift within a gift. It gives the recipient the choice of using it as a planter or for their oh-so necessary cup of morning caffeine!

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