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Take Home A Treat

November 12, 2014

As soon as I spotted this fantastic old wooden crate at one of my favorite antique spots, I knew that there were tons of fun ways that I could use it!

I had friends over recently for our first fall get-together and treated my guests to a pretty bunch of flowers at the end of the party. They had to wait until they were leaving because I used the crate with all of the paper bag bouquets as a decoration on one of the buffet tables!

How to Make a Paper Bag Vase


What You’ll Need:

* Fresh Flowers
* Kraft Paper Bags
* Cellophane Bags
* Floral Foam
* Raffia or Ribbon
* Water
* Floral Scissors or Shears


Step 1. Cut a third of the brick of floral foam.

Step 2. Put it in a sink or a bowl filled with water and gently drop the foam in, allowing it to naturally absorb the water. Wait until it is completely soaked before removing.

Step 3. Place in a cellophane or plastic bag that will fit into the paper bag and completely cover the foam.

Step 4. Insert the flowers one at a time giving each one a fresh cut, on an angle, before inserting into the wet foam. You only need a couple of stems for this casual bouquet.

Step 5. Place in paper bag.

Step 6. Tie with ribbon or raffia.
DIY Paper Bag Vase - Flowers in Floral Foam and Cellophane

Step 7. Share with a friend to make them smile!


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