Wow! I’m excited – I found a Green Thumb Mom. I’ve spotted Jane Marie from the blog Thyme-For-Herbs.

I know that Jane loves herbs, as well as cooking, baking, quilting, and reading.  I found out from her blog that one of her favorite books is “A Prayer for Owen Meany”.  This book is also a favorite of mine and my daughter Meggie – as well as the movie based on this John Irving novel – Simon Birch.

I am sure that making the time to sit quietly and read a good book is very important to Jane and a time that she truly enjoys.  To make that time even more relaxing and rejuvenating for Jane, I have designed this petite herbal nosegay nestled in a terra cotta pot.  While this arrangement is visually pretty its fragrance is what really makes it special.  The scent of the rosemary and lavender will make Jane feel like she is sitting on a veranda in the middle of Provence while she sits and reads her latest favorite book.

Q&A with Jane Marie from Thyme-For-Herbs

What is the greatest lesson your mom has taught you?

My mother taught me what sacrifice is all about when it comes to being a mother. She always put me before her own needs. My parents didn’t have much money, but my mother always found a way to let me do whatever creative thing I wanted. I took 13 years of piano lessons, clarinet lessons, and dance lessons. She was a stay-at-home mom (although we didn’t call it that at the time), but sometimes she would suddenly take on a part-time job. Now I realize that it was so she could pay for new piano music, buy material for a new prom dress, or to help pay for band camp. She rarely bought anything new for herself. I tried to follow in her footsteps in putting my children’s needs before my own

What’s one lesson you hope to pass on to your children?

My children are grown now, and have families of their own. I hope they have learned compassion, and tolerance of others. To date I have not been disappointed. Though they both have completely different personalities, they are equally very caring individuals who will do anything for a friend or person in need.

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

I remember being about 9 or 10, so it was around 1956. I had some money of my own, I’m not sure where I got it, maybe piggy bank savings. I lived in a city setting and we had some stores within walking distance. I didn’t tell my mother, but I went to the dime store two blocks away. I had my own little purse with me, and I felt so grown up. I bought a teapot that my mother had admired when we there together a few weeks before. I think it cost about twenty cents! She was thrilled with the gift, she used it often, and kept it on the kitchen table for a few years after that. I think that was the day I discovered how much fun it was to give rather than receive

Check out Jane’s blog Thyme-For-Herbs and follow her on Twitter – @pianananna

Jane Marie, Thyme-For-Herbs – Green Thumb Mom


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