Here’s to today’s spotted mom Linda Sellers from the blog I’m spotting Linda as a Traditional Mom.

I love the way that Linda thinks!  She really knows about branding and has such a head for business.  She takes it all and wraps it in humor and creativity while taking us all along for the ride.  I am sure that her teens have learned many life lessons from watching Linda do her thing.

I added a spoonful of humor to this tea cup arrangement by making it with a “tea bag” from the Linda Sellers Tea Collection!

Q&A with Linda Sellers from

What is the greatest lesson your mom has taught you?

My mom, Jeanne, taught me independence.  It was her drive and passion that instilled in me the ability to take on the changes life threw at me and make my own way in the world.  She also taught me compassion, as she was a social worker for years, and helped many get back on their feet.  She was my hero.

What’s one lesson you hope to pass on to your children?

If I can pass on that independence, I know my kids will do well in life. I feel it’s critical that they follow their dreams, become what they want to be, and I am here to support them in any way I can and guide them to their chosen paths.

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory?

The rule in our house was the best Mother’s Day gift was no kids fighting for the day!  Didn’t happen often, but I do cherish the days it worked!  I think the Mother’s Day I treasure most was shortly after my mom had passed away. I had asked for a certain flowering bush that was in my yard as a child.  Well, the family couldn’t figure out which one it was at the garden store, and bought 2 that were “educated guesses”, just to make sure they got one of them right!  They are lovely this time of year adorning either side of our sidewalk as a daily reminder of how wonderful it is to be their Mom.

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Linda Sellers, – Traditional Mom


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