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27 Ways to Spark Some Romance in Your Relationship

January 18, 2018

Think back to when you first started dating your partner. Everything they did was adorable, you spent at least an hour getting ready before seeing them, and you got butterflies in your stomach every time they walked through the door.

Fast forward to today and you’ve probably noticed that while years of caring for kids, sleepless nights, and hectic work schedules have actually intensified your love for one another, it hasn’t exactly left a lot of time for the playful, “rom-com” romance you once had.

No matter what’s going on in your life, how much time you have, or how much money you have to spend, make time for romance in your relationship with these simple, but powerful gestures.

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Romantic Gestures for Him and Her

  1. Say only positive things to each other all day.
  2. Have a date night.
  3. Stay in a hotel together, even if it’s only a few minutes down the road.
  4. Buy her flowers for no reason.
  5. Go back to where you had your first date or met.
  6. Turn off your cell phones and just talk for an hour.
  7. Plan a romantic getaway together.
  8. Do something adventurous that will get your heart racing. Perhaps skydiving or go-karting?
  9. Take a dance class together, no matter how much (or little) experience you both have.
  10. Put on some romantic music and cook together.
  11. Feed each other chocolate covered fruits.
  12. Tell your partner, “I love you” each day in a different language.
  13. Flirt with each other around the house.
  14. Spend the whole day cuddling and watching romantic movies.
  15. Play hooky from work and spend the day together.
  16. Exchange a list of things you love about each other.
  17. Hold hands the next time you go out.
  18. Tell your partner something they don’t know about you.
  19. Leave a love note for your partner to find sometime throughout the week.
  20. Compromise on one thing you’ve been a bit stubborn about.
  21. Take a bubble bath together.
  22. Walk on the beach late at night.
  23. Show small signs of physical affection, like a quick kiss before leaving each other for the day.
  24. Put your arm around her the next time you’re both watching TV.
  25. Declare your love publically by sending her flowers at work.
  26. Recreate your partner’s favorite movie scene.
  27. Give each other massages every night for a week.

Now go forth and spread the love and romance!

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