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Seasonal Flowering Shrubs All Year Long

June 15, 2012

Pink Hydrangea Flowering ShrubShrubs are often garden workhorses, planted to provide privacy, conceal unattractive but necessary equipment, or to furnish a backdrop for more colorful plants. They can provide plenty of color themselves, however, if you choose wisely. In fact, they can provide flowers for at least three seasons, and if you live where the climate is mild, you can have blooming shrubs all year-round.

Spring, of course, offers the greatest variety of flowering shrubs—lilacs, ceonothus, rhododendrons, forsythia, tree peonies…the options are many. Lilacs, with their heavenly fragrance and colors ranging from white to deep purple, are among the most beloved of all spring flowers. Ceonothus, sometimes called wild lilac, grows wild throughout North America, and gardeners cherish it for its blue blossoms—blue being the rarest of all flower colors—though some varieties offer white and pink blossoms also. Its foliage is generally a glossy dark green, and it tolerates a wide range of conditions, thriving where less hardy plants fail. Forsythia’s lovely, airy yellow blooms signal spring all over the East Coast. The tree peony has large, showy flowers, even more spectacular than its herbaceous cousin’s, and grows into a medium-size shrub that makes a handsome statement in a border of irises and other tall spring bloomers.
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