Whether you’re still exhausted from the holiday season or want to forego venturing out to a crowded bar or restaurant on a cold night, staying in for New Year’s Eve can still be an eventful experience — with the right planning. Do it the right way, and you’re in for a cozy, festive, low-fuss evening.

Here are some New Year’s Eve party ideas to help you plan a fun and jubilant celebration this Dec. 31.

Party planning

Plan your New Year’s event like you would a normal party, making sure to communicate the customary details. Send out custom snail mail or virtual invites letting guests know where the party is, what they can bring, and what they should wear. If you look forward to dressing up, call for a black tie. If you want to go in full-on comfort mode, make it a jammies night. Perhaps create a theme, such as black and white or Roaring Twenties.

new year's eve party ideas with new year's revelers


Include fun party activities like games, movie marathons, dance-offs, and karaoke. Revisit your past New Year’s Eve celebrations and replicate the best moments. Serve a memorable cocktail for the stroke of midnight, wearing a whimsical New Year’s Eve-themed accessory while singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Make sure to share the entertainment lineup with your party companions ahead of time to build the anticipation.

Create new traditions

Find inspiration from what is trending in social events. Champagne (or sparkling wine…know the difference!) is always welcomed on New Year’s Eve and adds something unexpected to the drink list. Hang up a custom photo backdrop and hand out personalized party favors so your guests will go home with something to remember the evening by.

Delicious food always works

Since New Year’s Eve falls at the end of an active social month, the idea of cooking an extravagant meal is not high on most people’s list. So, order in instead. And, even better, have it delivered right to your home so you have more time to plan the enjoyable details. Select from a range of delicacies, such as lobster pot pie, triple cheese quiche with caramelized onions, and beef and Italian sausage lasagna. Or go lighter with a fruit basket or assortment of meats and cheesesChocolate strawberries look Instagram-ready with personalized flutesCookie platters, chocolate towers, and fruit bouquets are equally stunning and will arrive at your house with the click of a button (or two).

new years eve party ideas with champagne

Create an environment

Nothing makes a home feel more like a party venue than holiday decorations. Arrange flower-shaped LED lights on a mantle, table, or available shelf space. Illuminate a collection of candles in every room. Release a bundle of black and gold mylar balloons so they drip from the ceiling. And, of course, splurge on a stunning flower arrangement, which always signals an elegant affair.

Take it outdoors

Set up your outdoor space with lights, candles, and a patio heater to create a warm and cozy outdoor oasis. Once midnight approaches, wrap up in warm blankets and move to your outdoor party space, which is perfect for popping open a bottle of champagne, noisemakers, and setting off fireworks.

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