Our series “Celebrating Fatherhood” shares inspiring stories, helpful advice, and insightful recommendations for choosing the perfect gifts to express your love for dads of all types.

While it’s important to love and appreciate your dad every day, Father’s Day is a time to show him you care in a tangible way. After all, he deserves to know how you feel, even if you think it’s impossible to express the depth with which you value him.

Over the past few decades, the role of being a father has evolved, and dads are now more involved in raising their children than ever before. These days, many fathers are choosing to be stay-at-home-dads to take care of their children. “It’s more important now than ever to acknowledge this day for dads and encourage other fathers to take the helm and lead their family in non-traditional ways that will hopefully soon be considered more traditional,” says Chris Pegula, author of Diaper Dude, creator of the Diaper Dude bag company, and self-described “dadtrepreneur.” “Honoring this day — at least for me — is something I appreciate and is something that’s so memorable because my kids gave me the gift of my future and my purpose.”

Chris Pegula

It’s more important now than ever to acknowledge this day for dads and encourage other fathers to take the helm and lead their family in non-traditional ways.

Chris Pegula


Diaper Dude

Of course, honoring Dad on his big day is about more than showering him with attention and the perfect gift. Celebrating Father’s Day as a family can show children how to appreciate and honor their loved ones. “I think celebrating Father’s Day is a great way for us to model back to our kids how much we value the relationship we have,” says Chris. “It can be a great way to show an example of the future to your own kids about how they should treat each other, their loved ones, their significant others, and beyond.”

However, it can be challenging to find a thoughtful gift for your father or father figure — they’re not always easy to shop for! We’ve put together a succinct gift guide to ensure your dad receives a Father’s Day gift that he will love, appreciate, and use.

Gift ideas for the organized dad

Nothing makes your dad quite as happy as a manicured lawn, organized garage, and having everything in its own place. He may be a fun-loving free spirit, but when it comes to spaces around the home (or even the car on vacation), he will spend hours making sure everything is as precise as possible.

This Father’s Day, you can facilitate his organization by gifting him thoughtful storage solutions that are sure to make life easier and bring him joy. Whether it’s it’s something to keep his garage in order or a handy tool for his next project you can’t go wrong with practical gifts that he can use as he sees fit.

If you want to go above and beyond to make his Father’s Day even more memorable, you can offer to put those news storage solutions to use by helping him with his latest project. After all, time spent together is the greatest gift of all.

Gift ideas for the sporty dad

When he’s not spending all his time being the best dad ever, your father lives for sporting events, pickup games, and simply being active by enjoying his favorite sporting activities. When selecting the ideal gift to make this Father’s Day memorable, you’ll want to consider these interests and choose accordingly.

Whether you opt for an experience — such as taking him to see his favorite team play in-person — or a physical gift like a personalized baseball, he’s sure to be ecstatic that you based your decision on his passions. We recommend using your knowledge of his preferences and using that information to gift him something themed, usable, or otherwise perfect.

Consider team-themed clothing (t-shirts and hats are always great), sporting gear (new equipment, accessories, etc.), customized items (a golf towel or hockey puck with his name on it), or even food to make his next tailgate party a huge success.

Gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad

If it’s outdoors, your dad loves it. Whether he’s planning a fly-fishing trip in the American West or barbecuing in the backyard, you can always count on him to have a little dirt under his fingernails from his latest outdoor adventure.

The greatest gift you can give your outdoorsy dad is spending time with him doing what he loves. Go on a camping trip, help him enhance the landscape, or simply go for a walk at the closest park.

Of course, if you want to get him something tangible, there are plenty of adventurous gifts from which to choose. Outdoorsy dads tend to love survival gear, exploration-themed items, and clothing designed to facilitate his next venture into the wild!

Gift ideas for the outgoing dad

Does a room light up when your dad enters? Does everyone at the local watering hole know him by name? Is he always on the go enjoying various activities with his friends?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your dad is probably outgoing. He’s the guy at the center of every get-together, and the one people flock to for stories, encouragement, and a downright good time. He’s also a great candidate for gifts that fit his outgoing personality.

Consider giving him something to act as a centerpiece for the next party. You can also go above and beyond by planning the event at which it can be displayed. Simply contact his friends and have them over for a celebration of your father. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and thrive in the social atmosphere.

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When in doubt, just remember — your dad will be happy with any gift that is thoughtful and shows you care; just make sure he knows how much you care about, love, and appreciate him.


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