Our series “Celebrating Motherhood” shares inspiring stories, helpful advice, and insightful recommendations to help you choose the perfect gifts to express your love for moms of all types.  

There’s no denying that the new mom in your life has the best gift in front of her — her beautiful new baby. 

But just because nothing on earth could even compete with that incredible bundle of joy doesn’t mean you’re officially off the hook for picking out the perfect Mother’s Day gift. In fact, it means the opposite.

A new mom’s first Mother’s Day is a big deal. According to Ashley Plowman, CEO of New Mom Guru, a first Mother’s Day deserves a ton of celebration, recognition, and helping hands. Not only because being a new parent is a beautiful new part of life that should be celebrated, but also because being a new mom can be a little isolating.

 “I think something that most people don’t talk about — and that a lot of new moms even can sometimes feel shame about — is how isolating being a new mom can be,” Ashley says. She says the experience is physical and emotional all at once, and that sometimes even a new mother’s partner can’t imagine or relate to what she’s going through. 

“Celebrating new moms on their very first Mother’s Day is something you can do to help the new mom in your life feel recognized, seen, and cared for,” she says.  

To help with this special occasion, we’ve put together a gift guide overflowing with ideas. Consider this guide the inspiration you need to select the ideal gift for the amazing, strong, and incredible new mom you know and love.  

New-mom gift ideas perfect for her first Mother’s Day 

Whether you want to treat her to a luxurious spa day, buy her the perfect bouquet, or overwhelm her with love in a creative way, we’ve got you covered.  

Practical gifts for new moms 

We know what you’re thinking — practical gifts aren’t always fun. But when it comes to feeling seen and appreciated on Mother’s Day, the new mom in your life might care a little less about fun and more about thoughtfulness. Ashley suggests practical but life-changing gifts like feeding and support pillows (think brands such as Boppy), whether the new mom in your life is breastfeeding or not. The reality is that new babies need to be held a lot, and a supportive pillow can be a game-changer.

Ashley Plowman Headshot

Celebrating new moms on their very first Mother’s Day is something you can do to help the new mom in your life feel recognized, seen, and cared for.

Ashley Plowman


New Mom Guru

Ashley also suggests gifting a new mom a tumbler with a handle on it (hydration is so important, and a handle can make grabbing it for a quick drink easier than ever).  

The most amazing practical gift of all? A go-to basket on wheels that’s full of everyday essentials — burp rags, swaddles, lip balm, dry shampoo, diapers, wipes, lotion, and more — that she can easily move from room to room as she cares for her little one.  

Luxurious gifts for new moms 

For the ultimate gift that’s all about pampering, focus your attention on her favorite luxury treatments. Does she have a favorite spa in town? Purchase a gift card for an all-day spa treatment, a hair appointment, or a session with her favorite nail artist. 

Of course, it’s not always possible to send a new mom out for a luxurious, all-day spa event, so another idea is to bring the spa day to her. Arrange to watch her baby for a few hours and set up a spa right in her own home. From a candlelit bath featuring all her favorite bath bombs to a few new skin-care products you know she’ll love, don’t be afraid to go over the top on luxury here — she deserves to be pampered.  

More luxurious ideas? Think cozy robes she can bundle up in, big comfy pillows to add to her nursing chair, lavender bath salts, a collection of her favorite teas, or a delectable selection of Godiva Limited Edition Chocolates & Truffles.

Thinking-of-you gifts for new moms  

Nothing says “I love you” like a bouquet of her all-time favorite flowers. From an Elegant Blush Bouquet or a Floral Embrace Bouquet to a Mother’s Embrace Bouquet, these thoughtful gifts can show a new mom that you’re there, you care, and you know what she loves.

Another thoughtful gift: something delicious she can savor. From a Tower of Treats or a Mother’s Day Sweets Box to a Mother’s Day Gift Basket with Wine or a Mother’s Day Coffee Gift, something that’s indulgent and just for her can be the ultimate way to tell the new mom in your life that you’re thinking of her.

Next-level gifts for new moms 

Looking to really take your gift to the next level for her first Mother’s Day? Check in your area for postpartum doula services — another suggestion from Ashley. These types of doulas are non-medical support personnel who come to a home and do whatever is needed to be done — cook, clean, or do your laundry. “It’s like having another mom there to help you exactly how you need it,” says Ashley. 

Other gifts she’s sure to appreciate is a gift card for a deep clean of her house, a laundry service, or an entire week of meals taken care of. These next-level gifts show the new mom that you understand how busy she is and that she deserves a much-needed break.   

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Still not quite sure what to get the new mom in your life? Ultimately, whatever you decide on, make sure she feels loved, appreciated, seen, and cared for — that’s the greatest gift of all. Then again, flowers and chocolates don’t hurt either. For a little extra inspiration, check out our collection of Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms & Moms to Be.


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