Summer is going to be different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. From backyard BBQs to hosting your own DIY Olympics, there’s no shortage of warm-weather activities. Read on below for ideas you, your family, and friends can share in together. Of course, always keep safety in mind while making the most of your summertime fun.

  • Backyard BBQ
    • Or bring the BBQ inside
      • Burgers, ribs, chicken, pulled pork on kitchen stove top, paired with your favorite summer sides and dishes
      • Finish it off with warm-weather desserts
  • Movie nights
    • Set up a projector and/or screen in the backyard (or inside), gather some blankets, pillows, and snacks, and get the whole family involved
    • Movie drive-ins
    • Watch a summer movie
  • Get that thumb green
    • Start a garden with summer fruits and veggies in your yard
    • Utilize apartment balconies and window sills for herb plants, etc.
  • Get outside and get some exercise, but make sure to continue being safe
    • Walk or run in the park or around the neighborhood with friends or family (wear masks and keep your distance)
    • Yoga on the grass or in the backyard
    • Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood
  • Outdoor picnics
    • In your backyard or at a local backyard
    • Bring non-messy snacks that don’t require too many hands
    • Play games, such as “I Spy” or “Charades”
  • Connect with nature
    • Hiking trails
    • Beaches (where there are less people)
    • Camping (can camp in backyard too — don’t have to worry about any wild animals)
    • Kayaking or paddle-boarding
  • Bring your hobbies outdoors
    • Reading, art, photography, TV
  • Make summer recipes
    • Cool and refreshing cocktails, smoothies, and ice pops
    • Salads, seafood, grilled chicken and burgers
  • Host a DIY Olympics at home or in the backyard
    • Invite a few friends and family members
    • Utilize supplies you may have lying around the house, such as:
      • Pool noodles for fencing
      • Empty boxes for hurdle jumping

Nicole DiGiose is a lifestyle writer who serves as an editor and writer for 1-800-Flowers. Previously, she's been published in Electronic Products, EE Times, Chilled Magazine, and local newspapers based in her hometown.

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