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Delivering Smiles

Delivering Smiles and Cookies to Blood Donors

June 22, 2012 delivering cookies and smiles to blood donors!

1-800-FLOWERS.COM employees and blood drive volunteers ready for the big day!

Every day, people have the ability to save lives by donating blood. With one pint of blood having the potential to save up to three lives, donors rightfully earn acknowledgement for their actions and selflessness. delivering smiles

1-800-FLOWERS.COM employees getting ready to deliver Cheryl’s cookies!

On June 14, World Blood Donor Day, the caring team at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM paid a visit to their local New York Blood Center in New Hyde Park, NY, delivering smiles and cookies to blood donors. With the help of Cheryl’s, a sister company of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, cookies were handed out to blood donors as a way to refuel post donation.

With all the good that people do, a small sign of appreciation can mean a lot. Be it a cookie or a smile, a little can go a long way.


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