Spring is approaching and there are so many ways to kick it off on a high note. With a little imagination and DIY knowledge, you can make the most of the warmer days, right in the comfort of your own backyard. In response to closed movie theaters, one fun idea is to create an outdoor theater, and it’s easier than you think! Below are tips for putting together the ultimate outdoor theater so you can enjoy your favorite movies under the stars!

Theater Set Up 

First things first: grab your projector and pick your favorite spot in the backyard! It’s easy to set up a sheet or a portable screen with a stand against the exterior wall of your home. If you don’t have enough space, consider setting up in the driveway against your garage door. You’ll also want to invest in portable outdoor speakers that fill the area with sound. 

To stream your movie, connect your projector to your favorite media streaming source. Of course, also make sure to practice crowd control for a safe experience. 

 Classic Snacks 

When it comes to movie snacks, it’s all about what you like. Fresh popcorn from a popcorn machine is a movie theater staple, but don’t forget about the chewy chocolates, sour gummy candies, cheesy nachos, and ice-cold drinks! 

 Viewing Comfort 

Here’s where the real advantage comes in. Now you can enjoy your movie-going experience from a picnic blanket, a lounge chair, or even from a cozy hammock. There are so many options and the choice is yours! 


Nicole DiGiose is a lifestyle writer who serves as an editor and writer for 1-800-Flowers. Previously, she's been published in Electronic Products, EE Times, Chilled Magazine, and local newspapers based in her hometown.

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