From winning gift ideas to card message suggestions, “Birthdays Reimagined” provides tips to help you make your loved one’s birthday wishes come true. Here, learn about how to put the icing on the cake with the perfect birthday card message ideas.

Picking out a birthday card for someone is the easy part — the messages are already in there, so you just have to find one that you like. It’s when it comes time to write your own message inside that people often struggle.

Although birthdays come once a year, giving us many opportunities to write something special to our friends, family members and loved ones, we know that most people want their message for this year to be better than the last — and that’s where it gets tricky. Lucky for you, today we’re here to help.

Here are some of our favorite birthday messages that you can reference as you write your next card.

Birthday card messages for a close friend

  • You’re another year older and another year wiser! I hope your [25th] is one to remember!
  • As another birthday rolls around, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you for being a truly wonderful friend. I hope this year brings you nothing but pure happiness — you most-definitely deserve it.
  • Cheers to you on your birthday! I can’t wait to see what this year holds in store for you.
  • To my best friend on your birthday. Spend this year making tons of memories (mostly with me) and never forget how awesome you are. Happy birthday!

For children

  • Cheers to the birthday princess! I hope you get everything you want on your special day.
  • For my child on your birthday — you can’t imagine how much joy I get from watching you grow. Enjoy your special day and the rest of this year. It’ll fly by before you know it.
  • My little birthday prince is turning [10]! I love you more than you know and hope this year is filled with endless laughs and happiness!
  • It seems like just yesterday I was cradling you in my arms, and look at you now! Happy birthday to my not-so-little baby.

For a coworker

  • Happy birthday to my deskmate! Thank you for making the days go by quickly and always sharing a smile with me in the morning.
  • To the office jokester — I hope this year brings you plenty of laughs, just like you bring to our coworkers. Happy birthday, friend!
  • Another year older, another year closer to retirement! I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Make sure to enjoy your day.
  • As a great coworker and even better friend, I truly appreciate everything you do for this office and for me personally. Now, it’s time to celebrate!

For a grandparent

  • To the [wo]man who says “yes” even after my parents say “no” — thanks for always being there for me! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my [nana/pop pop] who always spoils me! I love you more than you know!
  • To the grandma who defies the “old lady in a rocking chair” stereotype and is one of the coolest women I know. Happy birthday!
  • Whoever said you get boring when you get older clearly hasn’t met you. Happy birthday to the best, most entertaining grandpa a person could ask for!
  • [95] and you don’t look a day over [70]! Cheers to another wonderful year!

Birthday card messages for milestone birthdays

  • On this, your 18th birthday, remember that you’re legally an adult now, so be careful when it comes to questionable decisions. All jokes aside, welcome to adulthood and some of the best years of your life. Here’s to many more great years!
  • Finally 21! Wishing you a happy (and safe) birthday. I hope this year is filled with the most amazing memories.
  • You’re finally over the hill! It may have been a long climb to get here, but trust me — it’ll be all smooth sailing from here on out.
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