With neverending job responsibilities and continuously growing office hours, it’s important to have a space that helps keep you focused, calm and collected. While you may not have too much say on the general atmosphere of your office, you do have the authority to decorate in (almost) any way you please; so take advantage and give your work desk a feng shui makeover with these simple ideas!


Tips for Optimizing Your Work Space

Add an air-purifying plant. Bonsai and Aloe plants are among the dozens of varieties that can help rid your air of toxins and bacteria. If you’re looking for an alternative with slightly more color, try a gerber daisy plant! Even If you’re known for your inability to care for plants, there’s an option for you – the trendy, yet low maintenance cactus plant!

De-clutter. Once a month or bi-weekly if possible, take an hour out of your day to re-organize and de-clutter your work space. Toss papers that have piled up or simply change out some of your decorations for a fresh new touch.

Treat yourself to a monthly flower arrangement. Add a touch of color and liveliness to your work space with a fresh flower arrangement! A bouquet of sunflowers is the perfect way to add a touch of cheer, while stunning roses are sure to give your space a touch of elegance. When choosing your flowers, be considerate of your co-workers and any allergies they may have.

If you’re “walled-in”, hang a soothing/inspiring picture. There’s nothing more dreary than staring at a wall for eight hours a day. Give your eyes a relaxing image to rest on or an inspiration to quote to help stir up your creativity and help keep you going.

Keep chords organized. There’s nothing more jarring to your sense of focus than a cluttered bundle of chords in your peripheral vision. Take some time to organize your chords, then use ribbon or twist ties to keep them in a nice, neat bundle.


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