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Boss’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Personality

September 12, 2014

Image of Boss at OfficeIt’s time to celebrate the head honcho with some Boss’s Day gift ideas!

Boss’s Day, which is observed on October 16, is a day for employees to acknowledge their managers for all of the hard work they do throughout the year. The idea came to life when an insurance company employee named Patricia Bays Haroski registered the day as a holiday back in 1958 in honor of her boss—who also happened to be her father. She chose October 16 because it was her father’s birthday, and she wanted it to be remembered as the day that strengthens the bond between employers and their workers.

Nowadays, we still honor our supervisors by giving them a thoughtful token of our appreciation. But how do you pick the right present for the captain of the ship? The first step is to think about their personality and their management style. Here are some helpful Boss’s Day gift ideas that are a perfect fit for any type of boss:

Revitalizing Gifts for the Hardworking Boss

Coffee and Tea GIft Tote Bag from 1800Flowers.com

The movers and shakers keep your workplace going: They tirelessly work from sunrise to sunset to ensure that both you and the company are successful. Give your overachieving boss a gift that will help them relax and re-energize after putting in all those hours.

Boss’s Day Gift for Him: Starbucks® Break Time Basket (image to the right)

Boss’s Day Gift for Her: Denarii Lavender Spa Gift Basket


Fun Gifts for the Laid-Back Boss

Sangria Bouquet

Business in the front, party in the back! This boss knows how to run a successful operation—and have a good time doing it. For the free spirit with a great sense of humor, give them something unique that will make them smile.

Boss’s Day Gift for Him: The Popcorn Factory® Smiley Face Jumbo Sampler

Boss’s Day Gift for Her: Sangria Bouquet (image to the right)


Out-of-the-Box Gifts for the Innovative Boss

Living Art

These guys are always one step ahead of the game. Their fresh new ideas hold the promise of a thriving future. Fuel your boss’s creativity by giving them a gift that’s as ingenious as they are.

Boss’s Day Gift for Him: Living Art (image to the right)

Boss’s Day Gift for Her: Personalized Vase with Gerbera Daisies


Sophisticated Gifts for the Ritzy Boss

Premium Red Wine & Gourmet Gift Basket

Always dressed to the nines and spotted at the swankiest hangouts, this boss lives the high life. Give them something tasteful that will look nice in their big office or complement their luxurious lifestyle.

Boss’s Day Gift for Him: Money Tree Plant

Boss’s Day Gift for Her: Premium Red Wine & Gourmet Gift Basket (image to the right)


Inspirational Gifts for the Encouraging Boss

Kind Notes for Inspiration

The ultimate team player, this boss has faith in their staff and can stir up your enthusiasm with a motivational speech on the fly. This Boss’s Day, return the favor by presenting them with a spirit-raising keepsake.

Boss’s Day Gift for Him: Green Mound Juniper Bonsai

Boss’s Day Gift for Her: Kind Notes for Inspiration (image to the right)

Got a great boss who’s like no other? Tell us how they make your workday feel like anything but a routine!

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