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Father's Day

Top Ten Father’s Day Ideas

June 8, 2013

Make this Father’s Day the best one yet with our list of Father’s Day ideas!

Fun things to do on fathers day - Fishing

Looking for the perfect way to thank Dad for all of his hard work? How about taking some time on Father’s Day to do something fun and memorable together? The following list is a sampling of ideas for what to do on Father’s Day with your dad. There is no better gift than to simply spend the day with your dad doing something that you both love. There’s a ton of great ways to bond with your dad on Father’s Day. Whatever you do, no matter if it’s big or small, make sure that you spend this Father’s Day with your dad and let him know how much you care!

  1. Catch a baseball game! If your local MLB team isn’t playing at home, take him to a minor league game – the tickets are cheaper and there’s just as much excitement. What can be better than enjoying a day at the ballpark with your dad?
  2. Take him to the movies. Check out the latest summer hits and see which one he wants to go to. There is sure to be a great film out in theatres that you can both enjoy!
  3. Hit the beach! The weather is perfect for a day out in the sun. Be sure to bring a football or a Frisbee to toss around while you’re there!
  4. Have a backyard BBQ. Pig out with your dad! You can even invite other fathers over and make it a neighborhood event!
  5. Organize a Father’s Day Softball Game! Gather all the fathers and sons in your town and head over to the nearest baseball diamond. You can even make it an annual event, so you and your dad can look forward to it each year!
  6. Go fishermans favorite snacks! You’ll have a lot of time to talk and catch up with your dad while you’re sitting in the sun with a line in the water.
  7. Help Dad out with some household project. Although you may not want to spend your Sunday working, if you’re doing it with your dad you can make it fun and turn it into a real bonding experience!
  8. Go camping! Head out into nature with your dad. Be sure to bring plenty of food and supplies and you’ll have the time of your life!
  9. Walk over to the park. Either take a stroll around the area or shoot a basketball around. This is a great way to be active on Father’s Day and enjoy the nice weather!
  10. Take him out to a nice meal for Father’s Day dinner or lunch. Make sure you let him choose the restaurant – after all, it’s his day!

Whatever you do, make sure you spend this Father’s Day with Dad. These Father’s Day ideas are all fun and easy – why not give them a shot? He works hard all year, so he deserves to have his special day! If you want to make this year’s Father’s Day extra special, check out the great selection of Father’s Day gifts at 1-800-Flowers.com. You are sure to find something that your dad will absolutely love!

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