One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day? Being able to show off to your co-workers, of course! This year, take the celebration to the next level by really making her say wow with these Valentine’s Day office gifting ideas.


Go big, or send it home. If you’re looking to wow at the office, make it something the co-workers will be jealous of! For Valentine’s Day flowers, make it two dozen rather than one. If sending chocolate, go for the tower versus the box.

Coordinate with coworkers. Assuming her office bestie has a valentine this year (we wouldn’t want to make anyone feel bad), coordinate with them to take a reaction photo of your sweetie receiving her gift. Post it to social media to share how much she means to you!

Order early. Since it’s sometimes tricky coordinating exact delivery times, consider sending flowers a day or two early. You can even purchase office flowers that arrive in bud form so they’ll be in full bloom on the day in question!

Send her a picnic basket, then show up for a surprise lunch. Have a basket filled with light bites and snacks sent to her office. When she’s getting ready to dig in for lunch, surprise her by stopping by the office so the two of you can dig in together!

Can’t make it for lunch? Have dessert delivered. You may be far in distance (or stuck at your desk), but you’re near at heart, so let her knew by sending her a sweet post-lunch surprise. Opt for something easy to eat like truffles or chocolate covered strawberries.


Sending a treat? Make sure it’s shareable. If you’re sending your valentine her favorite cookies or treats to the office, make sure you send enough for her to get her fill and still be able to share with co-workers or managers. Sharing is caring – so show that you care on Valentine’s Day!

Put a twist on tradition. Nothing says “I Love You” more than a stunning bouquet of red roses, but that’s not the only Valentine’s Day option! Mix things up with a vibrant bouquet of her favorite blooms, and save the romantic red roses for the after-hours surprise.

End things on a sweet note with an end-of-day surprise. You sent flowers to the office and surprised her with lunch or dessert, but the day isn’t over yet! If you have dinner plans, why not have a car waiting for her outside the office at the end of the day? Or better yet, meet her outside the office yourself wearing your Sunday’s best.


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