The luxuriously red and green leaves of the poinsettia capture the most festive colors of the season, and their star shape (which comes in all sorts of sizes) makes them a joyous decoration for everything from Christmas trees to dinner tables. It’s the most versatile plant to decorate with during Christmastime, and it brings instant glamour and holiday spirit to anything you adorn with it. Here are a few poinsettia decorating ideas to give your home some yuletide flair.

Accent Pieces: Buy multiple potted poinsettias and wrap the containers with burlap or festive decorating paper. Line the plants along a walkway outside, arrange them on your staircase or proudly showcase them on your fireplace mantel with ornaments and other Christmas décor.


Welcome Sign: Place a large poinsettia on your stoop with a sign, like this Happy Holidays Poinsettia, to welcome guests to your home and give them a sneak peek at the festivities going on inside.

Wreath Embellishments: Before you hang that wreath up over the fireplace or on your front door, give it some Christmas spice by attaching poinsettias to it with floral wire.

Gift Bows: Make a big statement with your gifts by decorating them with ribbons and poinsettias instead of bows.

Poinsettia Express

Toys Under the Tree: Give your kids’ toys a little sprinkle of holiday cheer by prettifying them with tiny poinsettia blooms. You can decorate a toy train, then, tuck the toys under the Christmas tree for a holiday display the kids will love.

Christmas Tree Ornaments: Create simple yet elegant ornaments by removing multiple poinsettias from their stems, inserting them into small floral vials with water, and placing them on your Christmas tree. Make sure you regularly replace the water in the vials to keep the blooms fresh.

Place Settings: Cut a small poinsettias off their stems and place them directly on a plate for a gorgeous place setting.

Napkin Rings: Another way to create a chic tablescape: Use floral wire to attach small poinsettias to clear napkin rings.


Centerpieces: Bring the Christmas flower into the spotlight by using it as a centerpiece at the dinner table along with candles and other winter greens..

Kitchen Countertop or Windowsill Décor: Placing your poinsettias in a clear pitcher or a terrarium will bring a warm, homey vibe to your kitchen this Christmas.

How will you decorate your home with poinsettias this holiday season?


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