From music festivals to spring picnics, floral crowns are everywhere you look. Now, you can take this popular hair accessory and add it to your graduation cap with a few simple steps.

We found that using fresh flowers versus artificial flowers works best as fresh flowers not only stand out but also give off an intoxicating scent. The flowers we used come from the Floral Embrace bouquet, part of the graduation flowers collection.

Materials needed to make DIY flower crown graduation cap

  • Graduation cap
  • Flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (optional)


graduation cap with decoration wrap
  1. Take your spool of floral wire and wrap the wire twice around the rim of the graduation cap. Cut the piece off, and wrap the ends of the floral wire around the frame shape to secure.
graduation cap with decoration tape

2. Take your flowers and remove most of the stem, leaving about 2-3 inches. Align your flowers on the crown as you want them to look, and wrap the floral tape around the stems and tape to secure.

graduation cap with graduate wearing diy floral crown graduation cap

3. Slip the DIY floral crown over the graduation cap. The crown should stay in place, but if you wish to secure it, you can glue the crown to the cap.


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