diy flower sunglassesAny seasoned fashionista knows that the easiest way to add a festive touch to her ensemble is through accessories! Using just flower cabochons, and a hot glue gun, we’ve turned ordinary sunglasses into a stunning floral accessory perfect for spring or summer!

We chose to apply the cabochons to only the outer edges of the sunglasses for a more subtle effect, but you can use this method to cover your entire frame for a more attention-grabbing accessory.

Supplies for DIY Flower Sunglasses

diy flower sunglasses supplies

  • Sunglasses
  • Flower cabochons
  • Hot glue gun or industrial strength glue
  • Thin stick (optional – for extra small cabochons only)


Directions for DIY Flower Sunglasses

Before you begin, take your flower cabochons and plan out how you will arrange them.

diy flower sunglasses glue Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, grab your glue gun and apply a small dab to the back of your first flower. If you are working with extra small cabochons, you may want to apply the glue first to your thin stick and then to the flower.

diy flower sunglasses APPLYAttach to the sunglasses and hold down 3-5 seconds to secure.

diy flower sunglasses

Continue this process until all of your flower cabochons are arranged. Now, your DIY floral sunglasses are ready to be shown off!

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