Mixing up a fresh dish packed with herbs for dinner? Skip the trip to the grocery store and grow herbs in your own indoor herb garden, instead! Here are 8 herbs you can grow right from your kitchen!


Grow these Herbs in Your Herb Garden


Did you know that Lemongrass doesn’t even need dirt to grow? Simply buy a stalk with extra stem and place in water. Lemongrass can be used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.


With its distinct scent and flavor, basil is the perfect addition when you want to add a bit of extra flavor to any dish. The best part? The basil plant is extremely easy to grow, just make sure to give it plenty of sunlight (at least six hours a day).


In addition to its distinct flavor, cilantro boasts a plethora of nutrients and anti-oxidants when consumed. While the cilantro plant does grow quickly, it does not regrow once harvested, so it is best to have several plants in different stages of life in your indoor herb garden.


This fresh-scented herb is chockfull of nutrients such as vitamins A, C and K. While the parsley plant is very easy to grow, it grows at a slower rate than other herbs.


A delicious herb used in a variety of cuisines, the thyme plant requires a lot of sunlight – at least 6-8 hours. When in bloom, the plant is covered in small pink or purple flowers which are sure to add some dazzling color to your herb garden.


There’s nothing quite like the scent of fresh mint. Put mint in your teas, salads or garnish for a fresh aroma and burst of flavor. The mint plant grows like a weed and can be overpowering in an herb garden, so consider putting it in its own pot.


Add a sprinkle of oregano to any dish to take it above and beyond! The oregano plant requires massive amounts of sunlight, so place in a well-lit window.

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