House plants are a new addition to the latest millennial trend, and they’re all over Instagram. The hashtag #plants has already garnered more than 26 million posts! Combined with the trend of coziness in interior design, plants are the easiest way to spruce up any space in a flash. To get you started on your plant parent journey, here’s a short list of the most popular house plants that can fit into any room you choose.


A flower that’s been popular since ancient times, there are over 300 species of roses. The Romans used the rose plant as room decorations or jewelry, and it’s one of only three flowers mentioned in the Bible. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and come in a variety of colors with different meanings, so you’ll never get board of them in your space!

  • Loves: moist soil, mulch, Epsom salts and banana peels in fertilizer 
  • Avoids: shallow watering, over-enthusiastic pruning 

1. Classic Budding Rose 

The rose bush brings the beauty of the outdoors in easily thanks to its small size. Roses are a colorful choice for any room, and they add a bit of romance to any atmosphere. Pink roses represent femininity and sweetness, making the pink rose bush a delicate touch in minimalist interiors. 

2. Charming Rose Garden

Can’t get enough of the rose? Double the fun with our Charming Rose Garden! It features both pink and yellow roses for a fresh variety. Roses are often thought of as an outside plant, but the cute picket fence planter allows you to bring that rustic look indoors.


popular house plants hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a bubbly bloom that always covets attention in its flowering months. They grow in large globes and can reach up to 15 feet in height once planted. There are four types of hydrangeas grown in the US—oakleaf, bigleaf, panicle and smooth. Hydrangeas range in color from blue to purple to pink, depending on the pH level of the soil its planted in. 

  • Loves: consistent moisture and mulch 
  • Avoids: direct sun and intense heat 

3. Hydrangea in Mosaic Planter

Hydrangeas can be sensitive to sunlight and heat, so why not bring them inside? Your guests will be delighted to find this popular house plant in your home rather than outside in a garden where it more commonly resides. This hydrangea plant comes in both purple and white to complement any interior design aesthetic. Plus, it arrives in a timeless glass mosaic planter, making it an instant pick-me-up for any space.  

Dish Gardens 

Dish gardens are a fun way to present a variety of plants at once. The garden bowl or dish is usually a mini ecosystem with compatible plant types. The plants in dish gardens usually do not grow very quickly, so they need minimal care. Dish gardens make a big statement with very little effort, so they’re great gifts for even the most black-thumbed friends and family.  

  • Loves: sand, pebbles, gravel, drainage 
  • Avoids: over-watering 

4. Cactus Dish Garden 

Cactus dish gardens have that desert rustic look that’s trending in interior design. Cacti and succulents are high indirect light, low water plants, so they’re very forgiving if you go on vacation or simply forget about them. This cactus dish garden comes in three sizes and features a variety of cacti and succulents!

5. Bloom Dish Garden 

Afraid of the prickly cactus? Check out this blooming dish garden that’s much friendlier to the touch. The fresh foliage comes in a wooden window sky box with “bloom” stencil-cut into the facade. This dish garden makes a lovely windowsill addition, especially in the kitchen.


Bonsai is a horticulture art form developed in Japan, dating back to the 14th century, that trains trees to grow in an older, aesthetic style. Bonsai trees are miniature enough to fit in a basin, their name literally translating to “tree in tray.” Bonsai trees are not genetically enhanced to be small, so any plant can become a bonsai if cultivated correctly. This centuries-old practice may seem intimidating, but have no fear! You can buy these trees full grown, so you just need to care and maintain the plant.

  • Loves: regular root trimmings, humidity  
  • Avoids: dry or hot conditions 

6. Azalea Bonsai 

This Satsuki Azalea bonsai plant has green, glossy leaves and will bloom with vibrant pink flowers from May to June. While you won’t have the flowers all year long, the leaves are evergreen, and with the right care it will flourish all year long. The Azalea bonsai needs a slightly acidic soil and sunny spot to live. You should avoid hard tap water and instead use rainwater or filtered water. Prune your bonsai at the base more frequently than the top for the correct shrub shape

7. Gardenia Bonsai 

Our Gardenia Bonsai features green, waxy leaves and creamy, white flowers. Gardenias prefer to be kept in humid settings with a temperature between 60 and 74 degrees. Gardenia Bonsai Trees require more frequent watering than other varieties like the Azalea, so this isn’t a plant for someone who travels away from home often. 


Orchids are an extremely old flower type, with fossils dating back to 100 million years, with evidence of the flowering plant. It makes sense then that orchids are party of the largest family of flowering plants, with  more than 25,000 species documented around the world, on every continent. the flowers of the orchid can survive anywhere from a few hours to six months depending on the species. With plenty of options to choose from, the orchid is a versatile option for your house or apartment. 

  • Loves: 50-70% humidity, well-draining soil, shallow planting 
  • Avoids: direct full light, over watering 

8. Elegant Orchid 

This orchid plant comes in both purple and white with wing-shaped blooms. True to its name, the Elegant Orchid adds serenity and a sophisticated touch wherever it’s grown. Place your orchid near an east-to-south-facing window for best flowering results.


popular house plants bamboo

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet? in the right conditions, the plant can grow up to three feet in 24 hours. Bamboo reaches maturity after only three to give years, so you don’t need to worry about the constant maintenance. Bamboo is especially good for air flow indoors; the plant releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants. We recommend this plant for anyone with asthma or similar conditions.

  • Loves: water once a week, indirect sunlight 
  • Avoids: over fertilization, cold temperatures 

9. Sweet Heart Bamboo  

Bamboo typically grows straight up, so why not stand out with an interesting shape? This heart-shaped bamboo plant will leave someone feelings lucky to be loved. Since bamboo only needs indirect light, it makes an excellent desk plant. The zen aesthetic quality of this popular plant could also help with all that extra stress from work! The Sweet Heart Bamboo plant comes in a single, double, and triple heart design so you can express yourself to your heart’s content. 


popular house plants gardenia

Gardenias are known for their powerful scent. The flowering plant has a waxy leaf texture and prefers tropical conditions since they are native to Asia and Africa. Gardenias symbolized purity and sweetness, as well as a secret love. They usually flower mid-spring to mid-summer, but the waxy leaves are evergreen when properly cared for.  

  • Loves: high humidity, all types of light, acidic fertilizer 
  • Avoids: aphids, over-watering  

10. Grand Gardenia

The Grand Gardenia is a wonderful addition to humid spaces like bathrooms with showers. The flowers have a strong scent, so anyone with a particularly sensitive nose should be aware. This popular exotic flower is shy to the touch, (excessive touching of its petals will lead to bruising) and, if the flowers are cut, it will cause them to deteriorate much faster. We recommend wetting your hands before touching.


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