Although the weather is starting to cool down, that doesn’t mean you have to put an end to your gardening efforts for the year. In fact, fall is one season in particular where some gardens look their best! Since outdoor conditions are different during this time of year, it’s important that you’re planting the right types of fall flowers if you want your garden to pop. Take a look at some of the flowers we recommend as you work on your garden.

fall flowers pumpkin mums


Mums are some of the most popular flowers for fall, and for good reason – most notably, their vibrant colors offer an beautiful aesthetic appeal. If you aren’t planning to keep your mums in a pot this year, make an effort to get them in the ground as soon as you purchase them for the best results!

fall flowers mums


These blooms are ideal for this time of year due to their ability to withstand cooler weather. Unlike some flower types that don’t get along with low temperatures too well, Pansies of certain varieties are said to be able to survive in snow!

pansies fall flowers


If sunflowers are one of your favorite flower types, consider helianthus flowers in fall – they’re often referred to as the perennial sunflower! Helianthus flowers are daisy-like and gold in color, and they’re even known to attract butterflies, which can add some more life to your garden.

fall flowers helianthus


Often called “false sunflowers”  due to their similar appearance to sunflowers, Heliopsis is another option for sunflower fans. While they are not the same as the traditional sunflower, these perennials begin blooming in midsummer and will continue to last through the fall.

fall flowers Heliopsis

Russian Sage

With its pure purple flowers and green-silver like foliage, Russian Sage can be easily recognized. if you’re looking to add some color to your garden, now’s the time to start planting! These plants do well from midsummer throughout fall.

fall flowers Russian sage

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-Eyed Susans can be found blooming from late summer all the way until it frosts, which means you’ll get a lot out of them if you add them to your fall garden. A benefit of these is that they don’t require too much deadheading, making maintenance much easier on you.

fall flowers black eyed susan

Fall Crocus

Crocuses are often associated with spring, but  there are bulbs that can be planted in the fall too! Autumn crocuses are members of the lily family and produce beautiful blooms. Keep in mind that you want to plant these as early in the fall season as you can.

fall flowers purple crocus


Fall is a sedum plant’s favorite season, and thus the season where they thrive best! These too require little maintenance and produce flowers that stay in good shape even throughout some of winter.

fall flowers sedum

Toad Lilies

If you’re looking for something to make your fall garden stand out, Toad Lilies are perfect! These blooms are extremely unique in their appearance with speckled flowers. Furry friends find these attractive too, so be strategic with your planting if your garden tends to get visitors.

fall flowers toad lilies

Chinese Lantern

Another fall blooming flower to consider if you’re looking to be unique is the Chinese lantern. The flowers produced in summer are beautiful, but in fall, the lantern-looking blooms they produce are one of a kind.

fall flowers chinese lantern

Fall Flowers

For those of you who prefer to spend most of your time indoors as the weather gets colder, there are plenty of fall flowers you can surround yourself with too!


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