The shift from summer to fall on the calendar mirrors a change in the zodiac as well. It’s when the period of Libra begins.

For Libras, it’s not about the price — it’s about the quality.

Lisa Stardust

Astrologist and best-selling author

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The start of Libra season is marked by the autumn equinox — this year, Sept. 22 — a day when the sun is directly above the equator and there are equal hours of sunlight and darkness (much like the spring equinox).

It’s a time of year when, historically, people prepared for the harvest, says astrologist and best-selling author Lisa Stardust.

“It’s an abundant time, a romantic time — that’s why fall is often marked by getting cozier, sitting by the fireplace,” she says. “We have this airy, intellectual energy that occurs when the air gets a little chillier. We’re harvesting fruits and vegetables, and we’re getting ready to store things for the winter.”

It’s no coincidence, then, that the vibe this time of year is distinctly that of the Libra sign.

What to know about Libras

Libra is one of three air signs in the zodiac, along with Gemini and Aquarius. Represented in symbols by the scales, Libras are the pinnacle of balance. Because of this, they have a strong fixation on harmony.

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“Libras are known for their peaceful, harmonious attitude; they’re ruled by scales, so that means everything needs to be pretty even-keeled,” Stardust says. “Libras usually hate when things are off-center; they’re all about fairness and [having] everything in order. If one part of their scale is too tipped over, that’s when they begin to have a lot of problems.”

Interestingly, the Libra scale is the only non-living symbol in the zodiac. This could mean people born under this sign are a bit more calculated and that they process emotion differently.

“It makes sense,” Stardust says, “because they’re the only sign that is an inanimate object.”

Libras are known to be very intelligent and airy, Stardust says. They are also highly opinionated when it comes to objects of beauty.

“Venus is the planet of love and art, and Libras are a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus,” she says. “It’s thought that Libras are here to be the critics of the things that Venus creates.”

What are the best birthday gifts for Libra?

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Simply put, Libras love the opportunity to put on and impress. They love a bottle of expensive Champagne they can show off at a party, a bath or body product that’s made with only the finest ingredients , or an impressive piece of art they can put on display in their home.

But for every luxury item Libras gravitate toward, Stardust says, they’ll also love something that shows restraint.

“With Libras, it’s all about the equilibrium,” Stardust says. “They have two distinct sides that are focused on balancing each other out: Where one side is interested in extravagance, the other side is interested in pinching pennies.”

It is these conflicting qualities that lead them to seek out the highest-quality goods at the best value available.

“For Libras, it’s not about the price — it’s about the ingredients,” Stardust says. “They’ll happily buy a $50 lip salve, but not because it’s $50. They’ll want it because it has top-notch ingredients.”

In other words, she says, it’s not just about something being expensive — whatever they buy (or receive) actually has to be worth the money.

Go-to birthday gifts for Libra

If you’re ready to start your search for the perfect present for the Libra in your life, the options below are winners, Stardust says.

Something sweet and salty

Libras love luxurious foods, especially those that offer a contrast in flavor. “They’re people who would enjoy a combination like a rich salami and a pineapple — something that gives them that balance of sweet and salty,” she says. It makes sense; Libras are, after all, about harmonious balance. And don’t underestimate how great a high-quality wine will go over with Libras, either.

Something high quality for their bath routine

While not necessarily vain, Libras are into maintaining their appearance. As such, Libras love gifts centered on health and beauty, such as skin, bath, and hair products. Things like luxury soaps and fragrancesbath bombs, and spa gift baskets will all be happily received.

Something artsy and modern

Libras enjoy prized objects they can put on their shelves and admire. For that reason, you would do well with getting them an artistic gift for their home, such as a beautiful vase, bar cart, or stunning set of drinkware in which they can serve their favorite cocktails.

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Something beautiful

With their affinity for all things beautiful, flowers are a good match for Libra. Stardust suggests roses and bluebells.

According to her, bluebells — or any blue flower — represent peace and balance, an important piece of the puzzle for Libras. And roses, being the flower of Venus, are also a great option.

Something fashionable

Libras, Stardust says, are very into fashion, and know how to make an outfit pop. And, as you would expect, they always have a balanced look — one that’s never over the top but never boring.

“A Libra would probably be the one wearing a sequin dress with minimal makeup and jewelry to ensure the balance is at the heart of the look,” Stardust says.

Something that fits their style — even if it’s just a bathrobe or pair of socks — could make your Libra very happy on their birthday.

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