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Luxury Roses

These luxury roses, beautifully designed and displayed using only the finest blooms, were created to be just as unforgettable as the person who receives them. And with luxury roses delivery, featuring our exquisite long stem roses, sending these elegant premium roses has never been easier!

  1. Luxury Roses

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Luxury Roses from 1800Flowers

Our premium selection of luxury roses includes a variety of particularly impressive long stem roses, mixed rose bouquets, and rose arrangements. Since most of our premium roses are delivered in an exquisite vase, they’re perfect for using as a glamorous table centerpiece or for putting on display to add a classic, sophisticated look to any room. Interested in really wowing her? Our multicolored roses, 100 rose arrangements, and 4 ft red roses are sure to impress! Send an extra special smile with luxury roses today.

How to Cut Long Stem Roses

To extend the life of your luxury roses, cut the ends off so they can absorb the proper nutrients through water and the plant food included in your order. To do this, do the following:

1.First clean and sharpen a pair of kitchen or pruning shears and wipe them down using a cloth dampened with bleach or rubbing alcohol. This step allows you to get rid of any harmful bacteria on the tool, which could infect your roses and cause them to wilt prematurely.

2.Measure about one half-inch up from the bottom of each rose’s stem, and cut the half-inch tip off at a 45-degree angle. This will help ensure the stems aren’t flush against the vase or container, which could prevent water absorption and shorten the life span of your flowers.

3.Using your hands, remove all the leaves and branches that fall below the water line in your chosen vase or container.

Caring for Your Luxury Rose Arrangement

Find a cool place in which to place your flowers, avoiding areas exposed to direct sunlight, drafts from air conditioning or heating units or warmth from appliances or light fixtures. Every morning, add water to replace any that was soaked up during the night, and every 3 to 4 days, change out the water completely, being careful to rinse the vase thoroughly to avoid mold build-up.

Perking Up Your Wilting Roses

If your long stem roses start to wilt, all hope is not lost. Simply re-cut the stems another half-inch at the bottom (and at an angle), and lay the roses in a tub or sink full of tepid water for about 30 minutes. This should hydrate the flowers and perk them up for another few days.
For more details on rose care, see our Rose Care & Handling section.

  1. Luxury Roses