The winter season, with its bone-chilling cold, shorter days with scant amounts of sunlight, and prevalence of sicknesses and maladies that thrive when the temperature drops, can be a challenging time. Between cold and flu season and the winter blues, most of us could use a few extra sparks of joy and gestures of support to get through until spring.

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Often times, we believe the myth that ‘bigger is better,’ but it’s not. People just want to know that you care.

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills

Relationship expert

“It’s not unusual to experience mood changes when the winter months are upon us,” explains Dr. Melanie Ross Mills, a relationship expert and author of “The Friendship Bond.” Dr. Mel, as she’s affectionately known, adds that the combination of cold weather, more darkness, and less physical activity can make us feel more tired and sluggish. “We get sick more often and have less sunlight, so our serotonin can drop, making us experience lower moods than in the spring and summer.”

She says it’s helpful to be tuned in to signals from friends, family, and work colleagues who may be feeling less than their best this time of year. “Arming ourselves with the awareness that there could be seasonal factors at play in the lives of the people around us can help us navigate these relationships.”

How to pick someone up who’s feeling down

Whether it’s due to a head cold or case of seasonal affective disorder, a small show of support can go a long way toward helping loved ones through the season. Dr. Mel advises embracing someone’s preferences for expressing and receiving love when choosing what that support should look like. “For some, it could be a kind gesture, others might enjoy a little gift, while others would love to go grab coffee. The key is making the effort so that they know you care.”

And you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to pass the good vibes along. “Small gifts and tokens of friendship go a long way,” Dr. Mel explains. “Often times, we believe the myth that ‘bigger is better,’ but it’s not. People just want to know that you care. Even if they might not even feel good enough at the moment to thank you appropriately, still make the effort.”

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She recalls a time when she was recovering from a medical procedure and a friend was there. “She took the time to pick out small gifts that would help me in my recovery. I’ve never forgotten her thoughtfulness, her checking in on me — that made all the difference.”

During the winter doldrums, the simple act of gift giving can not only provide a boost to someone not feeling their best but can lift your own spirits as well. After all, there are real, science-backed benefits that come from giving gifts, including a surge in those feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. So, if there’s someone in your life who could use a bit of sunshine — a little unexpected show of support and love — why hesitate?

9 gift ideas that provide a much-needed lift

Let them know how much you care, and how much loved they are, with a gift to lift their spirits. We’ve done the hard part of browsing for you and come up with nine great get well soon gift ideas. All that’s left for you to do is add a heartfelt message of support!

1. Send paws-itive vibes

best get well soon gifts a DOG able in a Basket

It’s hard not to smile at the sight of flowers arranged in the shape of a lovable pooch, but even more so if you’re a dog lover. This floral creation is designed to melt the hearts of anyone who could use a pick-me-up, whether they have a furry companion or not. And for those under the weather, the Sick As a Dog version, with a “Get Well Soon” balloon and bright yellow Gerbera daisy and daisy poms, is a wonderful way to send your love while lifting someone’s spirits.

2. Smiles delivered straight to their door

best get well soon gifts Lovely Lavender Medley with Jumbo Smile Balloon

The winter, when trees are bare and skies feel perpetually dreary, can be a drab time. Brighten up someone’s day by literally sending them a smile with the Lovely Lavender Medley with Jumbo Smile Balloon arrangement. Not only does it come with a bright yellow smiley face balloon, but the gorgeous arrangement of white and lavender blooms will add some cheerful color back into their world.

3. Surprise someone with extra sweet snowmen

best get well soon gifts Frosty Fun Dipped Strawberries

When it’s cold outside, sometimes you just want a satisfying treat to make you feel extra cozy — and few treats are more satisfying than strawberries dipped in chocolate. The Frosty Fun Dipped Strawberries feature fun snowmen faces made all the more festive by blue “icicle” strawberries covered in pearlized sugar crystals. They’re the perfect way to embrace the winter season without getting a chill.

4. Chase away the chill with a home spa day

best get well soon gifts Island Paradise Spa Tower

Although there might not be time to whisk your loved one off to a tropical resort, you can bring the sunny vacation vibes right to their door with the Island Paradise Spa Tower. Let the healing begin with a full menu of soothing skin items that encourage self-care time. Speaking of self-care, for the man in your life who needs a little “me time” this winter, there’s the Grooming Eucalyptus Gift Box.

5. Summer flowers with staying power

best get well soon gifts Magnificent Roses Preserved Sorbet Roses

The fruity beauty of a rainbow swirl of sorbet, in scrumptious purple, pink, and orange, is a classic summertime vibe. Let someone special feel a little essence of summer all year long with the Magnificent Roses Preserved Sorbet Roses. Each hat box arrangement is filled to the brim with a bevy of perfectly preserved roses in pastel sorbet shades, making it look good enough to eat. Just remember this sorbet is strictly for show.

6. Inspire more healthy snacking

best get well soon gifts Deluxe Fresh Fruit Basket

We could all stand to eat more fruit, and a most opulent way to do that is with the Deluxe Fresh Fruit Basket. Several of the pieces of produce in this attractive basket hail from the tropics — mango, pineapple, papaya — and everything in it is packed with vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and aids in the production of feel-good serotonin. You’ll be helping your loved one feel their best while improving their mood and transporting them (mentally at least) to a warmer, sunnier place.

7. Give them a shot in the arm

best get well soon gifts Vitamin Cheer

As we were just saying, a little vitamin C may be just what they need. The Vitamin C(heer) bouquet, with its brilliant yellow and white flowers, is like a small dose of happiness and is sure to brighten up a loved one’s home. Just be sure to add a personal message to this cheerful arrangement to make the delivery feel all the more special.

best get well soon gifts Buttercream Frosted Cookie Dough Cookie Flavor Box

Sometimes, all you want to do is wrap yourself in a blanket, put on a rom-com, and dive into a carton of cookie dough ice cream. Make that night in even more delicious for someone with a Buttercream Frosted Cookie Dough Cookie Flavor Box. Each classic chocolate chip cookie is topped with Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosting and then loaded with decadent cookie dough pieces. It’s the best way to eat cookie dough short of scooping it straight out of the tub. (Wait, we’ve got that too!)

9. Share some sunshine

best get well soon gifts Tea for You Market Box Sending Sunshine

You may not be able to deliver longer, sunnier days, but sending a Tea for You Market Box might be just what they need. Filled to the brim with tea, sweet treats, and other accouterments, this cheerful package will pass along the warmth of your support to that special someone while they curl up with a piping hot Cup of Sunshine (literally! That’s really the name of the tea it comes with.)


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